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Episcopal congregations research info available

December 4, 2015
Office of Public Affairs

Based on data received from a comprehensive survey of churches through the 2014 Parochial Report, updated facts and figures about congregations in The Episcopal Church have been posted here 

The information was compiled by Dr. Kirk Hadaway, Congregational Research Officer for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society.

New documents include: Domestic Fast Facts Trends 2010-2014; Membership and attendance by province and diocese 2013-2014; Membership and attendance totals by province 2013-2014; and several other trend reports on participation and giving.

Among the data report, 26 dioceses in The Episcopal Church experienced membership growth: Arizona; Arkansas; Dallas; Dominican Republic; East Carolina; Ecuador Littoral; Florida; Georgia; Haiti; Louisiana; Navajoland; Nevada; New Hampshire; North Carolina; North Dakota; Northern California; Oklahoma; San Joaquin; South Dakota; Southeast Florida; Southwestern Virginia; Tennessee; Virgin Islands; Virginia; West Virginia; Western North Carolina.

While the figures reflect a decline, Hadaway explained, “The decline recorded is larger than has become typical for the last several years due to the situation in South Carolina.  Records for the disputed congregations that are not cooperating with the reorganized diocese were suspended, resulting in a decline of 77.3% in membership and 76.6% in Average Sunday Attendance.  The net effect was to change the overall decline of membership from -1/6% to -2.6% and the decline in attendance from 2.1% to 3.5%.”

Information that has been posted includes:

  • Episcopal Domestic Fast Facts Trends: 2010-2014 in English and Spanish
  • Statistical Totals for the Episcopal Church by Province: 2013-2014 in English and Spanish
  • Statistical Totals for the Episcopal Church by Province and Diocese: 2013-2014 in English and Spanish
  • Membership and Attendance Totals for the Episcopal Church: 2014 in English and Spanish
  • 11-Year trends in Average Sunday Attendance and membership by diocese in English and Spanish
  • 6-Year trends in Plate and Pledge income and average pledge by diocese in English and Spanish.


Reports and additional information is located on the Episcopal Church Research page here and here 


Amanda Skofstad

Public Affairs Officer

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