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February 2 is Theological Education Sunday

January 31, 2014
Office of Public Affairs

As called for in General Convention Resolution 2006-D008, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has called upon Episcopalians to recognize the importance of theological education on February 2.

GC 2006-D008 names the first Sunday in February of each year to be Theological Education Sunday.


Bishop Jefferts Schori stated:

“The Episcopal Church believes that all its members need to be well-formed and well-educated for the baptismal ministry we share in the Body of Christ. Theological education for all is an essential foundation for baptismal ministry.  All congregations in The Episcopal Church are urged to support the accredited theological education institutions of this Church.  A resolution some years ago asked each congregation to commit 1% of their annual discretionary income to those institutions.  All congregations are further encouraged to develop and promote opportunities for the education of all members from small children to our most senior elders.  As we haven’t yet reached the fullness of the Reign of God, we all have something to learn!”

General Convention Resolution 2006-D008: Resolved, That the 75th General Convention respectfully request the Presiding Bishop continue to designate the first Sunday in February each year as Theological Education Sunday to share the work of theological education at the seminaries as well as the initiatives within congregations, dioceses, and other networks through the Church; and be it further Resolved, That the Seminaries strive diligently to strengthen partnerships with dioceses and congregations through dialogue and by the sharing of their unique relationships with this Church to provide theological education for both ordained and lay persons in support of the Church’s mission to restore all people to unity with God and with each other in Christ.



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