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Mauai elected to Executive Council

June 10, 2014
Office of Public Affairs

The Rev. Deacon Brandon Mauai of the Diocese of North Dakota has been elected by the Episcopal Church Executive Council to serve the unexpired term of the late Rev. Deacon Terry Star.

The announcement was made by the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe, Executive Officer of General Convention, during the opening session of the Executive Council meeting on June 10 in Phoenix, AZ (Diocese of Arizona).

Mauai’s term begins immediately and continues until the Executive Council elections at General Convention 2015.

Mauai is a deacon with the Standing Rock Episcopal Community at Church of the Cross, Selfridge, St Luke’s, Fort Yates St. James, Canon Ball.

Executive Council

According to the website: “The Executive Council of the Episcopal Church is an elected body representing the whole Church…The Executive Council has the duty to carry out programs and policies adopted by General Convention. It is the job of Executive Council to oversee the ministry and mission of the Church. The Executive Council is comprised of twenty members elected by General Convention (four bishops, four priests or deacons and twelve laypersons) and eighteen members (one clergy, one lay) elected by provincial synods.


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