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Traveling the Way of Love Episode 2: Rest

April 2, 2019
Office of Public Affairs

Traveling the Way of Love, Episode 2: Rest, the latest installment of a new video series from The Episcopal Church Office of Communication, premieres April 4, 6:00pm EST on The Episcopal Church website and on The Episcopal Church Facebook page.

Hosted by Chris Sikkema, the Office of Communication’s manager for special projects, Traveling the Way of Love shares stories of the way people across The Episcopal Church practice the Way of Love with each episode highlighting one of the seven Way of Love practices: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest. This second episode focuses on Rest. 

In this episode, Sikkema visits with the Rev. Jimmy Bartz, rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From the beginning of creation, God established the sacred pattern of going and returning, labor and rest. Especially today, God invites us to dedicate time for restoration and wholeness – within our bodies, minds, and souls, and within our communities and institutions. Recognizing that it can be difficult to rest and recharge, Rev. Bartz and Sikkema share ideas and practices that may make it easier to settle and prepare oneself to receive the gifts of God’s grace, peace, and restoration. 

To facilitate the use of this video by individuals or small groups for discernment and reflection, an Episode Guide, reflection, and other resources are provided here.  

In addition to the first two episodes, five additional are planned for 2019; watch for them in May, July, September, October and November. Each episode is built around one of the seven practices central to The Way of Love: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, rest.

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Episodes are closed-captioned.

This episode was made possible by the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming in partnership with The Episcopal Church Office of Communication.