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Traveling the Way of Love: Season 1 Guides

March 5, 2020
Office of Public Affairs

Resource compilation available

A compilation of Season 1 resources for the Traveling the Way of Love video series from The Episcopal Church Office of Communication, is now available on The Episcopal Church website.

Hosted by Chris Sikkema, the Office of Communication’s manager for special projects, Traveling the Way of Love shares stories of the ways people across The Episcopal Church practice the Way of Love with each episode highlighting one of the seven Way of Love practices: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest.

The Traveling the Way of Love: Season 1 Guides includes the following resources: episode guides with summaries; suggested practices; additional resources; and meditation guides for small groups to foster discussion and deeper thought about each episode’s lessons. Find the compilation here.

Watch for Season 2 of Traveling the Way of Love, with guides and other curriculum resources, later this year.

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