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Twenty-nine Jubilee Ministry grants awarded for programs of mission and ministry work

August 18, 2016
Office of Public Affairs

Twenty-nine Episcopal Church Jubilee Grants totaling $64,612.30 have been awarded to support mission and ministry in 22 dioceses.

Jubilee Ministries are congregations or agencies with connections to the Episcopal Church, designated by diocesan bishops and affirmed by Executive Council, whose mission work affects the lives of those in need, addressing basic human needs and justice issues.

Grants were awarded in two categories:  Development and Impact.

Development Grant

One Development Grant for $25,000 was awarded to a Jubilee ministry

  • The Diocese of Colombia, COLFORPAZ (Corporacion Lideres Forjadores de Paz): An organization that works for social justice and social outreach which  benefits the most vulnerable sectors and works toward contributing to the peace in Colombia. The grant will be used to implement a microfinancing system, sustainable over time, for vulnerable Columbians.

Impact Grants

Twenty-eight Impact Grants ranging from $750 – $1,500 were awarded to help an existing Jubilee Center succeed, and in their own way be an inspiration among and with those in need.


  • Diocese of Atlanta, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, $1,500
  • Diocese of California, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, $1,500
  • Diocese of Central Florida, St. John the Baptist, $1,500
  • Diocese of Chicago, Shelter Care Ministries, $1,500
  • Diocese of Colorado, Colorado Haiti Project, $1,476
  • Diocese of Colorado, 32nd Avenue Jubilee Center, $1,395
  • Diocese of Dallas, St. Matthew’s Cathedral Bishop’s Camp, $1,500
  • Diocese of East Tennessee, Family Cornerstones, Inc., $1,500
  • Diocese of Iowa, Laundry Love Muscatine, $1,500
  • Diocese of Kansas, Episcopal Social Services, $1,500
  • Diocese of Missouri, Trinity Food Ministry, $1,500
  • Diocese of New Jersey, Trinity Woodbridge Jubilee Outreach Center, $1,400
  • Diocese of New Jersey, Trinity, Asbury Park, $1,500
  • Diocese of New Jersey, San Jose Episcopal Church, $1,100
  • Diocese of New York, Church of Our Savior, $1,000
  • Diocese of Northern California, Loaves and Britches, $1,500
  • Diocese of Ohio, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, $1,500
  • Diocese of Olympia, St. Joseph – St. John Hunger Ministries, $1,500
  • Diocese of Olympia, Chaplains on the Harbor, $1,500
  • Diocese of Olympia, The Mission to Seafarers, $1,500
  • Diocese of Olympia, The Church of the Good Shepherd, $1,500
  • The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, Baskervill Food Pantry, $1,500
  • Diocese of South Dakota, Bishop Hare Jubilee Center, $1,491.30
  • Diocese of Southeast Florida, Jubilee Center of South Broward, $1,500
  • Diocese of Southeast Florida, Episcopal Mental Health Ministries, $1,500
  • Diocese of Spokane, Noah’s Ark Homeless Shelter, $1,500
  • Diocese of Tennessee, Relief for the Homeless, $1,000
  • Diocese of Western Michigan, Benzie County Baby Pantry, $750.00

The review committee for the grants was: Rachel Babbitt, Missioner for Community Engagement in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota; Canon Dr. Steven Nishibayashi, of the diocese of Los Angeles and a member of the Executive Council; the Rev. Dr. Lee Anne Reat, vicar of St. John’s Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio; Bishop Dabney Smith, Bishop of Southwest Florida and a member of Executive Council; and the Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson, staff liaison.