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Video: Presiding Bishop’s message for World Refugee Day

June 18, 2018
Office of Public Affairs

“Our work with and for refugees began when we began to follow Jesus, to follow His way and His teachings. It is because we are followers of Jesus, because we follow the way of love, because we follow the way of compassion, because we follow the way of human decency and kindness that we must be passionately committed to helping the refugees and displaced persons of this day,” commented Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry in his 2018 World Refugee Day Message. “When World Refugee Day comes on June 20, I invite you and ask you – help the refugees of this day. Support Episcopal Migration Ministries.”

On World Refugee Day, held each year on June 20, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and courage of refugees worldwide. Refugees bring gifts, skills, and talents to our communities, enhancing the very fabric of our nation.

Episcopal Migration Ministries is the Episcopal Church’s foremost response to refugee crises. Working in partnership with offices and groups within the church as well as with governments and non-government organizations (NGOs), Episcopal Migration Ministries assures safe passage and provides vital services for thousands of refugee families upon their arrival in America: English language and cultural orientation classes; employment services; school enrollment; and initial assistance with housing and transportation. For each family, the goal is self-reliance and self-determination. After years of living in limbo, refugees now have the opportunity to begin again on a strong foundation that honors their stories and dignity, thanks to Episcopal Migration Ministries.

Join Episcopalians across the country this World Refugee Day in prayer and action in support of our newest neighbors and friends. Get involved in the ministry of refugee resettlement:

  • Visit for resources and events in honor of World Refugee Day.
  • Follow Episcopal Migration Ministries and Episcopal Public Policy Network on Facebook and Twitter and watch for social media posts supporting #WRD2018, #RefugeesWelcome , #SupportRefugees, and #WhereRtheRefugees to support welcome and hospitality for refugees.
  • Join the Episcopal Public Policy Network to learn more about how you can work with local and elected leaders to support refugees.
  • Make a contribution to Episcopal Migration Ministries at and help bring new life and new hope to our newest neighbors.