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Sermons that Work and Bible Study

To assist these small congregations, the Episcopal Church offers Sermons That Work, new sermons each week for Sundays and major feast days throughout the liturgical year. Carrying on that tradition, the Episcopal Church has been offering Sermons That Work online since 1995 grouped by lectionary years (A, B, C).

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An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

With more than 3,000 clearly written entries, this glossary will be a handy, quick, general reference for Episcopalians, both lay and ordained. It includes material specific to the Episcopal Church and its history and polity, liturgy and theology, as well as subjects relevant to the whole church.

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Weekly Bulletin Inserts

These weekly bulletin inserts provide information about the history, music, liturgy, mission, and ministry of The Episcopal Church.

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Lesson Plans that Work

Designed to follow the Revised Common Lectionary, these lesson plans are written by experienced church school teachers using practical approaches to respond to the needs of volunteer teachers. Both a lesson plan for young children and a lesson plan for older children are offered each week, and intergenerational lesson plans are available for many major feast days throughout the liturgical year. 

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