Sermons That Work

Submission Guidelines

Writing Guidelines for Sermons That Work: 

  • Sermons should be 1,200 to 1,400 words in length.
  • Sermons should be based on the lessons for the Sunday or feast day assigned by the editor.
  • Sermons should be written in the third-person narrative voice. Please do not use the first-person language such as “I” or “my,” since the person who will be reading the sermon aloud is not the writer.
  • Sermons should be universal in scope and not reveal the identities of any individuals.
  • Please do not use footnotes or parenthetical citations. These sermons are designed to be read aloud, so try to integrate and cite your sources in the body of the sermon in a way that will not be awkward for the reader.
  • Please use language that is gender-neutral and politically neutral.
  • Avoid subject matter that attacks religious or partisan groups or any person by name.

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