Young Adult and Campus Ministry

Staying Connected

November 11, 2016
Young Adult and Campus Ministries

We often receive questions from folks who want to stay connected to with youth and young adult activites and ministries across The Episcopal Church. Here are the networks we most commonly recommend:

First, connect with your Diocesan Office and Provincial Leadership. Provincial Leadership can often help you find out what neighboring dioceses are doing similar work.

Second, make sure you are connected to all the various ways the Formation Team distributes information:


Young Adults

Episcopal Church News Releases and Information

Other Resources

  • Lesson Plans that Work
  • Sermons that Work (Sermons, Bible Studies, and Bulletin Inserts in English)
  • Sermones que Iluminan (Sermons, Bible Studies, and Bulletin Inserts in Spanish)

Third, Make sure you are connected to our formation partners:

Finally, always feel free to contact a member of the Formation Team for ideas, connections, and network opportunities. Our Team focuses on network development, leadership development and training, and work assigned to our office by General Convention. We work closely with departments within the Presiding Bishop’s office, provincial leadership, dioceses, and organizations to leverage our resources and capacity and to ensure we are as integrated as possible. We try to respond to requests in a timely way. Here’s our contact information:

Bronwyn Skov, Youth Ministries
Bronwyn Clark Skov

The Rev. Shannon Kelly, Young Adult and Campus Ministry
The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Wendy Johnson, Digital Formation and Event Specialist
Wendy Karr Johnson

Heidi Kim, Racial Reconciliation

The Rev. Chuck Wynder, Justice and Advocacy

Valerie Harris, Administrative Associate

The Rev. Shannon Kelly

Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries and Camino Project Grant

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