Eliza Brinkley

Eliza is serving in Cap-Haitien on the northern coast of Haiti as an English teacher to young farmers at St. Barnabas Agricultural School in Terrier Rouge.

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I have thought a lot about the importance of “staying” lately. What do I mean by “staying”? If you’ve read former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams’ book Where God Happens, you may have a clue. For those of you who haven’t, I’ll give a very simplified (and therefore probably limited) ... [Read More]
Ellen Sandin

Ellen is serving in Brazil.

Elly Withers

Elly is serving in Panama.

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International Aid and Development

Why do I love my job so much? Because Promesa is doing incredible things among the indigenous and campesino populations in Panama. Promesa not only promotes sustainable agriculture, but uses this focus to do so much more for the people and communities where it works. Promesa:1) Encourages healthy eating and ... [Read More]
Emiliee Street

Emilie is serving in Honduras.

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Making the Journey Here, and How Things are Going Thus Far

So I’ve been here almost two months now, and I would say the adjusting definitely isn’t over yet (and probably won’t be until I can speak Spanish). However, I have learned a lot, and it’s definitely been a growing experience thus far. I know I haven’t updated my blog in ... [Read More]
Eric Panter

Eric is serving in the Philippines.

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Days Gone By IV - A New Home

(Just so you know - if you get the reference of the title of this post, you're my kind of people.)YO.Welcome to my blog. Great to see you.This one's a beast, so... LET'S GO.   And go we didOkay, so seriously, what are you doing? Alright, alright. Like I said in ... [Read More]
Hannah Perls

Serving in the Diocese of El Salvador, Hannah is the assistant to the executive director of Fundacion Cristosal, San Salvador.

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900 Homicides: What It Means and What To Do

(Note: this is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Cristosal's August newsletter)"For those living outside El Salvador, Romero's call is the same today as it was thirty five years ago: to stand in solidarity with El Salvador."In August, El Salvador has seen over 900 homicides - an average of ... [Read More]
Jacob Nastruz

Jacob is serving at the Kwasa Center in Springs, South Africa teaching English to preschoolers.

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The Journey before The Journey

     So as you all know it has been awhile since I found out I was going to be doing a year of mission with The Young Adult Service Corp, and it has also been awhile since I found out I was going to South Africa or even since orientation ... [Read More]
James Fitzpatrick

James is serving in Panama.

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From Panama City to ChanguinolaPanama CityStreet Art in Panama CityMap of El Parque MetropolitanioWhen I arrived in Panama City on September 14th I was driven to San Lucas Episcopal Cathedral. While at San Lucas I was able to ... [Read More]
James Guandique

James is serving in El Salvador.

James Rose

James is serving the Mission to Seafarers in Kobe, Japan.

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The Varieties of Japanese Experience

I've been in Kobe, Japan now for just over a week, and it's great. Kobe is a pretty awesome place to live. Over the week I've seen and done a lot of different things, and I've met a lot of nice people.I've done quite a bit of walking around the ... [Read More]