Kayla Massey

Kayla is serving with the E-Care Center in Halsema in the Diocese of North Central Philippines.

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One too many mornings and a thousand miles behind

 Apologies to my incredible friends and family for waiting so long to write a blog. It’s been a quick and busy few months here in Santiago with a lot of new things going on.In the processing center Dap-Ayan where I work, we are the only peanut butter processing center within ... [Read More]
Kirsten Lowell

Kirsten is serving as an administrative assistant in charge of special projects in the Diocese of Uruguay.

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A Lesson on God’s Timing

Here I am, my last night.
I have checked into my flight and packed my bags.
This is my last night in Uruguay.
As I reflect upon all the things I learned this year, the one reoccurring theme seems to be God’s timing.
Let me first say, God’s watch is better than the Apple ... [Read More]
Maurice Dyer

Maurice is a second-year YASC missionary, and is serving with the Institute for Healing of Memories in Cape Town, South Africa.

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On November 22nd I traveled with the Institute to a place called Masipumelele. This place is on the opposite side of the mountain from me.  I went for a workshop; the topic of the workshop was democracy. Democracy in South Africa is 20 years old and most of the people ... [Read More]
Paul Daniels

My name is Paul Daniels, II. I am a native born North Carolinian who will be spending a year in Grahamstown, South Africa working at the Anglican Cathedral of Grahamstown. I moved to Boston, MA to live in intentional faith community with the Life Together Community to discern a call to the Episcopal Priesthood and dedicate myself to a year of social justice and serving an urban Episcopal parish in Lynn, MA. I am deeply interested in Christian Spirituality and the oneness of God and humanity. I believe in peace and mutuality, and that oneness with God becomes real when we learn to live peaceably with ourselves and each other.

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Don't You Wish? Something to Smile About Sometimes When it Rains?

Thanks to a brilliant and awesome friend I've made here by the name of Mohammad Shabangu, I had the opportunity to meet the beautiful lady that you see in the YouTube video above.Her name is Gcina Mhlophe, and she is a South African poet that has performed pieces with the ... [Read More]
Rachel McDaniel

Rachel is serving with women’s and children’s ministries in the Diocese of Southwestern Brazil.

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Saudades. Esperença. Justiça.

Months without a post, and now two posts in one week! Unfortunately, this post is not as joyful as my other one. Tuesday, January 27th, marked the second anniversary of the terrible fire that killed 242 people in the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria. This nightclub is just around the ... [Read More]
Ryan Zavacky

Ryan is teaching at the Holy Cross School in Grahamstown, South Africa.

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Quelling our Own Storms--Sermon from June 21

Quelling our Own StormsFirst, I would like thank everyone and the monks for allowing me to have this opportunity to preach to this congregation for the last time as a YASCer.            While I was mediating on this passage, the terrorist attack on Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC has been ... [Read More]
Will Bryant

I am a second-year volunteer with the Young Adult Service Corps currently serving in Rome at St. Paul's Within the Walls Episcopal Church.

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The Cost of the Call

Hello all!I am so, so sorry for my long hiatus from writing. The past few months in Rome have been BUSY! And I've found it hard to write about some of the experiences I have had here.I promise I will be writing more in the weeks to come. Today, however, ... [Read More]
Willie Lutes

Willie serving as a communications assistant with the Anglican Church of Southern Africa Environmental Network and Anglican Communion Environmental Network in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Trips and trips

It has been a long time, but I am happy and healthy here in Cape Town. I honestly wouldn't have been able to remember my last post without looking it up, and it has been a long time (that was November, oops!) I'm sorry I have been so terrible at ... [Read More]