Young Adult Service Corps

Are you 21 to 30 years old? Are you ready for an experience that will transform your life? Do you want to be a part of what God is doing in the world? Do you want to experience diverse cultures, make a spiritual commitment, and reflect on your vocational possibilities? If your answer is "Yes!" then you are ready to work with the Young Adult Service Corps in a one-year assignment. Applicants must have a high degree of maturity and possess a faith commitment, the willingness to be a humble guest, and the ability to be an authentic companion. The Young Adult Service Corps brings young adults into the life of the worldwide Anglican Communion and into the daily work of a local community. At the same time, it brings the gifts and resources of the church into the lives of young adults as they explore their own faith journeys.

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Young adults (21-30 years old) have an opportunity to transform their own lives while engaging...

The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) is a ministry for Episcopalians 21 to 30 years old who are...

On World Mission Sunday, the church comes together to focus on the global impact of the...

The Young Adult Service Corps (YASC) of the Episcopal Church is sponsoring 28 missionaries for...



Frequently-asked questions about the Young Adult Service Corps, specifically regarding the application and discernment process, service assignments, finances and fundraising, communication, and logistics and support while on assignment.

Reference information form for potential missionaries and participants in the Young Adult Service Corps.


Serving in the Diocese of the Northern Philippines, Andrew Joyce, Diocese of Kentucky, works at the Tadian Learning Center and Demonstration Farm. Andrew is the first YASCer to serve in this ministry.

Serving in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika, Tanzania, Brian Orlay, Diocese of New York, works for the Carpenter’s Kids program as the program coordinator.

Serving in the Anglican Church of Mexico, Phillip Shearin, Diocese of Connecticut, works as a communications officer for the Province, based in Mexico City.

Serving in the Diocese of Costa Rica, Ryan Abrams, Diocese of East Carolina, is the Companion Diocese Officer for the Diocese of Costa Rica and the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Based in San José, Ryan is the first YASC missionary to serve in Costa Rica.

Serving in the Diocese of Lesotho in the Anglican Province of Southern Africa, Jared Grant, Diocese of Western North Carolina, works at St. James Mission Hospital and in the office of the Bishop of Lesotho. This marks the first time there has been a YASC placement in Lesotho.

Alexandra Martin, Diocese of Alabama, is a Young Adult Service Corps volunteer in Germany.