Episcopal Church Facts and Figures

Based on data received from the Parochial Reports, new facts and figures about membership in the Episcopal Church have been posted here http://www.generalconvention.org/gc/parochial_reports

Among the facts:

- In 2012, membership in the Episcopal Church is 2,066,710 with 1,894,181 in the domestic (50 U.S. states) dioceses and 172,529 in the non-domestic (non U.S. states) dioceses.

- Thirty-three domestic dioceses showed growth in membership in the past year: Alaska; Arkansas; Atlanta; California; Central Florida; Chicago; Colorado; East Tennessee; El Camino Real; Florida; Fond du Lac; Hawaii; Idaho; Iowa; Kansas; Maryland; Mississippi; Missouri; Montana; Navajoland; North Carolina; North Dakota; Northern California; Oklahoma; Pittsburgh; San Joaquin; Tennessee; Texas; Upper South Carolina; Washington; West Tennessee; Western Massachusetts; Western New York.

- In the non-domestic dioceses, growth in membership was marked in three dioceses: Ecuador-Litoral, Puerto Rico, Venezuela.


Additional information is located on the Episcopal Church Research page here www.episcopalchurch.org/research


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