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Nearly 10,000 hits in first day to IamEpiscopalian.org

Thursday, February 26, 2009
In less than 24 hours, IamEpiscopalian.org – a website where people to share their stories - experienced nearly 10,000 hits.

"The great response to IamEpiscopalian.org shows that people want to share stories of how they have connected to our Church, and others want to hear them," commented Anne Rudig, director of communication. "Lent is the obvious time to examine one's spiritual life and reconnect."

IamEpiscopalian.org, which debuted Ash Wednesday, February 25, features dozens of video vignettes from people – representing the vast array of faces from throughout the country – to share the stories of what excites them about being an Episcopalian

"The traffic to IamEpiscopalian.org has been tremendous," noted Mike Collins, director of digital communication. "It continued to climb throughout the day – so much so that now we are moving the site to a different server to accommodate the heavy load. Please bear with us as we continue to improve the user experience."

Episcopalians are invited to submit a video to IamEpiscopalian.org, detailing their own faith story, and what excites them about being an Episcopalian. Video vignettes should be less than 90 seconds. To submit a video, follow the "upload" instructions on the right of IamEpiscopalian.org.

Collins added, "We look forward to expanding IamEpiscopalian.org as more videos are added throughout the Lenten season."

"We also invite comments about IamEpiscopalian.org," Rudig said. "Tell us what you think."

Comments can be submitted to newsline@episcopalchurch.org.

IamEpiscopalian.org was developed by the communication office of The Episcopal Church.