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September - December 2014 consecrations, elections and consents in the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church
Office of Public Affairs

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In the next four months – September 1 to December 31 - the Episcopal Church will witness the consecrations of four bishops, the election of one bishop, and the consent process of two bishops.



Four consecrations of a bishop are slated for September to December.

September 6: Diocese of Maryland; the Rev. Canon Heather Cook was elected Bishop Suffragan May 2.

September 13: Diocese of Massachusetts; the Rev. Alan Gates was elected April 5.

September 27: Diocese of Mississippi; the Very Rev. Brian R. Seage was elected May 3.

November 8: Diocese of East Carolina; the Rev. Robert Stuart Skirving was elected May 17.



During September to December, one bishop election is scheduled:

October 25: Diocese of West Texas Bishop Coadjutor


Canonical Consent Process

Currently there are two canonical consent processes underway for September to December. The deadlines are:

October 16: The Very Rev. Brian R. Seage was elected bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Mississippi on May 3

October 31: The Rev. Robert Stuart Skirving was elected bishop of the Diocese of East Carolina, elected May 17.



The Episcopal Church: www.episcopalchurch.org

Diocese of East Carolina http://diocese-eastcarolina.org/

Diocese of Maryland http://www.ang-md.org/

Diocese of Massachusetts http://www.diomass.org/

Diocese of Mississippi http://www.dioms.org/  

Diocese of West Texas http://www.dwtx.org/