AdventWord 2019: 6. House

December 6, 2019

[…] There was only one thing to do. Flee the scene. I grabbed a stack of books and headed straight for the day spa, where I hoped to rid myself of […]

Sermons That Work

A Year Ago…, All Saints’ Day (C) – 2010

November 01, 2010

[…] and the ‘saints,’” according to Marion Hatchett, author of the Commentary on the American Prayer Book. The readings from scripture and the glorious hymns we sing make this feast one […]


"Will You Call This a Fast?"

March 7, 2019

[…] beliefs. Later, I found that this refreshing spirituality was enshrined in the back of the Book of Common Prayer, Article XIV of the 39 articles. It reads, Of Works of Supererogation Voluntary works […]

Sermons That Work

Perhaps Many of Us Will Think…, Lent 1 (B) – 2009

March 08, 2009

[…] because God first loved us. The introduction to the liturgy of Holy Baptism in The Book of Common Prayer states this fact with outstanding clarity: “Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and […]

Sermons That Work

Speaking With Strangers, Day of Pentecost (B) – 2012

May 27, 2012

[…] barriers of languages, or the barrier of simply being one stranger speaking with another. The Book of Common Prayer summarizes the power of the Holy Spirit in this way: “The Holy Spirit leads […]

Sermons That Work

Dress Codes or Radical Welcome?, Proper 23 (A) – 2014

October 12, 2014

[…] of Portsmouth, in England, summarized marriage in the patriarchal tradition of ancient Judaism in his book “To Join Together”: first, negotiation of contract, then betrothal, followed by consummation. What may […]

Bible Studies That Work
Bible Study

Bible Study: Proper 23 (B) – 2018

October 14, 2018

[…] their Christian faith? Reflecting on the “Holy Scriptures” section of the catechism found in the Book of Common Prayer, how is your own understanding of the Bible confirmed or challenged? What can we […]


Martyrs of Japan – Executive Council

February 11, 2014

[…] Christian presence in Japan began with Francis Xavier in 1549, the same year the first Book of Common Prayer was published in England.  Francis Xavier stayed only three years, but left a Jesuit […]

Sermons That Work

Born in 1496…, Proper 18 (C) – 2004

September 05, 2004

[…] Colet had tremendous influence. Along with Thomas Linacre he helped produce the first Greek grammar book printed in England. Translating scripture into English for his Oxford students was an action […]


Bulletin Insert: Pentecost – May 19, 2024

May 3, 2024

[…] of the earth—witnessing to the risen Christ. The Day of Pentecost is identified by the Book of Common Prayer as one of the feast days “especially appropriate” for baptism (Book of Common Prayer, […]

Sermons That Work

All We Need, Easter 5 (A) – 2023

May 07, 2023

[…] death. Thus, Stephen becomes the church’s first martyr. This is a turning point in the Book of Acts, setting the scene for more intense and violent persecution of the Christians. […]


Maternal Health: A Persistent Crisis

June 17, 2021

[…] the life to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. –Prayer for a safe delivery, Book of Common Prayer pg. 444 As a Church, we celebrate and honor those who go through pregnancy […]

Public Affairs

Episcopal House of Bishops offers A Word to the Church

March 12, 2013

[…] Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen  (Collect for Tuesday in Holy Week.  Book of Common Prayer (BCP) p. 220) Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ: Your House of Bishops has […]

Sermons That Work

Today’s Gospel Is a Feast…, Epiphany 1 (B) – 2000

January 09, 2000

[…] baptisms. In the Baptismal Rite, especially in the portions found on pages 302-303 of the Book of Common Prayer, we are first called to repentance. Then the first three solemn questions of the […]

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