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2024 Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries Calendar

June 15, 2024
Asiamerica Ministries


This year, we will call an Asiamerica missioner.

January 25: Florence Li Tim Oi Feast Day. Celebrations in response to General Convention Resolution 2022:D079. Celebrations will occur in January, March, May, and July throughout the nation.

January 25 – 28: Seminarians of Color – Miami, Fla.
To be rescheduled fall 2024. If you know of any seminarians in your ministries, please forward Pamela Tang their email addresses.

January 31 – February 3: Joint Council of Advice – Miami, Fla.
For the executive board and one convenor from each convocation.

March 1 – 3: Deputies of Color Meeting – Louisville, Ky.
Please support the deputies of color to General Convention in your diocese. Ethnic ministries missioners will be present.

April 16 – 20: AAPI Leadership Retreat – Portland, Ore.
Organized by the Diocese of New York EAST. This retreat is largely funded by Trinity Wall Street. If you know of any Asian leaders in Episcopal Church roles, especially diocesan roles, seminarians, church musicians, chaplains, etc., please contact the office.

June 23 – 28: General Convention – Louisville, Ky.
This convention will include the election of a new presiding bishop. The Office of Asiamerica Ministries can bring eight people as resources for Ethnic Ministries activities at General Convention. I am looking for individuals passionate about the polity of The Episcopal Church, active in their diocese, and willing to run as deputies in future conventions. I am especially looking for seminarians and newly ordained clergy. I welcome your recommendations.

July 6 – 10: Japanese Convocation Meeting – Honolulu, Hi.

July 11 – 14: South East Asian Convocation Meeting

July 17 – 20: Korean Convocation Meeting – Fairfax, Va.

September 9 – 11: South Asian Convocation Meeting – St. Louis, Mo.

September 12 – 14: Chinese Convocation Meeting

September 27 – 30: Filipino Convocation Meeting

October 25 – 27: Young Adult Convocation – Hawaii
The Youth and Young Adult Convocation was originally designed to encourage churches to bring their younger members to EAM consultations. The goal was to inspire and promote younger leadership in local churches. We are moving to a new model of recognizing and encouraging younger (age 20-29), second generation plus+, lay and ordained leadership in the church, and professionals who can be a resource to The Episcopal Church. Please help me find our people.

To Be Scheduled

  • ANDREWS Programming: Asiamerica Network of Disciples Revivalists Evangelists Witnesses & Saints. Funding is made possible for Clergy Support and empowerment and Lay Educa6on and Leadership Training. I welcome your ideas for training specific to your convoca6on or region of the country.
  • Why Serve: Why Serve is an annual national discernment conference for People of Color. If you know of anyone who is discerning for the diaconate or priesthood, or any younger people (age 21 – 45) active in church and/or Diocesan Ministries who might benefit from this, please send me their contact.
  • Convocation Meetings: 9 convocations – Southeast Asian, South Asian, Arab/Middle East, Korean, Japanese, Pacific Islander, Filipino, Chinese, Young Adult
  • 50th Anniversary of EAM: The Asiamerica Ministry office was created with a General Convention resolution in 1974. 2023 marks our 50th anniversary. Because of General Convention in 2024, a nationwide consultation of all Asian ministries will be postponed.

Note: Translations for Meetings – For future large events, if convenors feel that simultaneous translation at large events will increase attendance of their members, translations can be supported.

2023 in Review

  • Search Commitee for the next Asiamerica missioner formed.
  • Interim Asiamerica missioner called
  • Joint Council of Advice, St. Louis, Mo.
  • AAPI Leadership Conference, Houston, Tex.
  • Why Serve, Sewanee, Tenn.
  • Convocation meetings held this year: Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Chinese
  • Episcopal Youth Event, University of Maryland
  • It’s All About Love, Baltimore, Md.
  • Diocese of Los Angeles Ethnic Ministries Panel at diocesan convention
  • Asian Female Clergy Conference, Trinity Conference Center, N.Y.
  • Asian Clergy Conference, November 14 – 17, Kanuga Conference Center, N.C.

The Rev. Pamela Tang, Deacon

Interim Missioner for Asiamerica Ministries

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