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Katerina Whitley, a native of Thessaloniki, Greece is a long-term writer for these pages. She worked as diocesan editor in the Diocese of East Carolina and as the PR & Communication associate for the then Presiding Bishop’s Fund for World Relief during Bishop Edmond Browning’s tenure. She is the author of seven books in circulation and an active public speaker and performer. She lives in Boone, N.C. where she teaches at Appalachian State University.

Sermons and Bible Studies

Go and Do Likewise, Proper 10 (C) – 2001

July 15, 2001

Americans who have not lived in another country for any length of time, do not realize that, in spite its faults, the United States is a nation that obeys laws. The ultimate example is the Civil Rights Law of 1964 that altered profoundly the way we treat each other. Where even the churches had failed […]

To Be Fit for the Kingdom, Proper 8 (C) – 2001

July 01, 2001

No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God. Are there many people today who understand “what putting a hand to the plow” means? Does someone operating a machine instead of a hand-held plow understand the meaning of these words? Perhaps. The key seems to […]

God Shows No Partiality, Easter Day (C) – 2001

April 15, 2001

On this Easter Sunday, it is a good thing to turn to that rather neglected book in the canon, the Acts of the Apostles. It is full of wonderful stories, intimate and touching stories of a great variety of people. St. Peter dominates the first part of the book and St. Paul the second half. […]

Darkness Has Fallen on the Earth…, Great Vigil of Easter (C) – 2001

April 14, 2001

Darkness has fallen on the earth. Jesus, the healer, the teacher, the one proclaimed “God’s beloved Son” is dead. His followers have run away. Courageous women watch from the distance and know that all hope has been extinguished. From now on they will be living only with the memory of his love and his words. […]

Recapturing the Wonder, Christmas Day (I) – 2000

December 25, 2000

We have finally arrived at the loveliest day (night) of the year. We all love stories, and there has never been a more beautiful nor a more hopeful story than the one told by St. Luke in the passage we have just heard. How many times have you heard this story? Have you memorized it? […]

Who Is Jesus?, Christmas Day (III) – 2000

December 25, 2000

And now, after weeks of waiting, the blessed day has arrived. Christmas! Is there anyone in the Western World who doesn’t feel something different about this day from all other days? For children, it is the delight of gift-giving and receiving; for adults, it is seeing the pleasure of children and reliving the memories of […]

Waiting for the Joy to Come, Advent 4 (C) – 2000

December 24, 2000

On this Sunday we continue in the spirit of Advent, the spirit of expectation; we are waiting for something significant to happen. We Christian people are by now tired of hearing and seeing all around us evidence of the total misunderstanding of the season. We are in danger of disliking beloved Christmas carols because of […]

It Is Accomplished. It Is Finished., Good Friday – 2000

April 21, 2000

On this Good Friday we hear again the magnificent passage from Isaiah which has come to be known as the Fourth Servant Song and the superbly told story of the arrest, crucifixion and death of Jesus according to John, chapters 18 and 19. There may not be any other passages in literature to equal these […]

This Parable as Reported…, Proper 28 (A) – 1999

November 14, 1999

This parable as reported by Matthew has some powerful images that have influenced our thinking and our language profoundly. The word talanto (singular) and talanta (plural) in the koine Greek (the Greek of the New Testament writers), represented, according to scholars, fifteen years’ wages of one person’s labor. Somewhere else it says that it was […]

An Invitation to Joy, Proper 23 (A) – 1999

October 10, 1999

This parable, found also in Luke, is embellished by the writer of Matthew’s Gospel and contains some points that may be difficult to understand. But the heart and meaning of it come through clearly. The story is definitely an allegory. That means that the king in the story stands for God. The people found in […]

Plunging into Faith, Lent 2 (A) – 1999

February 28, 1999

This is one of those Sundays when the three lectionary readings are perfectly connected with the same theme. Let’s call it, “the plunge into faith.” In the Old Testament lesson, Abraham is called out of his home. If his age, 75, is correct according to our standards, then he was too old a man to […]

A Short Meditation on a Solemn Night, Good Friday – 1998

April 10, 1998

To read these words is to step on holy ground. One suddenly understands why the Hebrew people used to untie their sandals and cover their heads in the presence of the Holy. How can one read this story of stories of St. John’s without fear and trembling? What great sorrow and shame overcomes us who […]

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