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— The Rev. Matt Seddon is an archaeologist-turned-priest who focuses on multicultural ministry, social justice and care for our environment. As of this sermon he is living in a gap. He is currently transitioning from serving as vicar to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in West Valley City, Utah, to serving as priest-in-charge for St. John’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas.

Sermons and Bible Studies

Groaning: The Soundtrack of Creation, Proper 11 (A) – 2014

July 20, 2014

If you go into any gym and find the section where people are pumping iron, you will hear a lot of grunting and groaning. Weightlifters often groan. They groan as […]

A People without Boundaries, Proper 5 (C) – 2013

June 09, 2013

A widow is walking a dusty road. The sun is in the sky, making shadows on the mud-brick walls and simple dusty streets of Nain. The town sits on the […]

Bible Study: Proper 27 (A) – 2011

November 06, 2011

Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25 If we want to read this passage as it was originally intended, we have to replace “the LORD” with YHWH, the way of conveying the name of […]

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