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The Church Continues, Christmas 2 – 1999

January 03, 1999

Most of us are still recovering from the busy-ness of ending an old year on our civil calendars, and of launching a new one. The beginning of a New Year […]

Attention, Advent 4 (A) – 1998

December 20, 1998

Attention. Joseph was paying attention. The message from God was unusual. That is why an angel brought the message. The medium of the message and message were perfectly coordinated. After […]

This Is a Story about Jesus…, Advent 3 (A) – 1998

December 13, 1998

This is a story about Jesus and John the Baptist. John the Baptist is near the end of his life. He wants to know if his life work is being […]

From Incarnation to Identification, Christmas 1 – 1998

December 27, 1998

This First Sunday after Christmas has come so quickly. Can it be that only a few short days have passed since Christmas? For some of you, perhaps, Christmas Day is […]

The Story of Jesus’ Triumphal…, Christ the King (C) – 1998

November 22, 1998

The story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is troubling in two ways. First, its closeness to Jesus’ crucifixion is disturbing. One day, Jesus is being proclaimed King. Five days […]

Jesus Was Always Confronted…, Proper 27 (C) – 1998

November 08, 1998

Jesus was always confronted with those who wanted to trip him up. The folk with the trick questions were trying to get him to identify himself with the Saddusees. The […]

At This Point in Time…, All Saints’ Day (C) – 1998

November 01, 1998

At this point in time, in that strange mix of pop psychology and the learning theory of our age, we have a phrase to describe Jesus’ thought patterns as seen […]

Today’s Gospel Story Is Puzzling…, Proper 22 (C) – 1998

October 04, 1998

Today’s Gospel story is puzzling to many people. It even sounds a bit harsh. The servant has been out working hard all day. The master has probably been sitting around […]

The Danger in Dealing…, Proper 21 (C) – 1998

September 27, 1998

The danger in dealing with such a familiar parable as that of “Dives” (the rich man) and Lazarus (the poor man) is that its familiarity may cause us to miss […]

As in All Things…, Proper 18 (C) – 1998

September 06, 1998

As in all things, let us begin with prayer to Almighty God. The Lord be with you. Let us pray, Lord God, you created all things, you arranged all things […]

Miguel Woke Up Troubled…, Proper 17 (C) – 1998

August 30, 1998

Miguel woke up troubled. He had not slept well and remembered a particularly vivid dream. In the dream he was making his way across a cliff face by a narrow […]

The Words of This Morning’s…, Proper 15 (C) – 1998

August 16, 1998

The words of this mornings Gospel may be difficult to hear. The words may even seem harsh. Where are the comfortable words of Jesus, we may ask. The words of […]

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