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Today’s Lessons Are Not…, Proper 6 (A) – 1996

June 16, 1996

Today’s lessons are not comforting. They run counter to the belief commonly held by many Christians that if you choose to live your life in accordance with God’s word, then […]

One of the Hallmarks…, Proper 5 (A) – 1996

June 02, 1996

One of the hallmarks of modern society is a yearning after justice. Or at least we like to hope–or perhaps pretend–that it is. Justice is an ideal that stands over […]

I Love Tales of the Supernatural…, Last Sunday in Epiphany (A) – 1996

February 18, 1996

I love tales of the supernatural. Perhaps it’s because my mother wouldn’t allow me to watch them when I was younger. All it took was the first telltale strains of […]

Today’s Gospel Lesson Is A Continuation…, Epiphany 6 (A) – 1996

February 11, 1996

Today’s Gospel lesson is a continuation of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. We have been listening to that Sermon for the last two weeks–it began with the Beatitudes. Unfortunately, we […]

Several Years Ago Now…, Epiphany 5 (A) – 1996

February 04, 1996

Several years ago now there was a book which remained many weeks on the various lists of best sellers. The book was “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I […]

I Am the Eldest of Three…, Epiphany 4 (A) – 1996

January 28, 1996

I am the eldest of three children. My sister is nine years younger than I. My brother was born only two and a half years after me. And I must […]

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