BLESS Appeal

Office of Government Relations

The BLESS Appeal supports the people and programs that boldly proclaim the loving, liberating, and life-giving message of Jesus Christ through the work of the Office of Government Relations.  

Gifts to the BLESS ensure that the Office of Government Relations has the resources to help fulfill the mission of The Episcopal Church by bringing the experiences and values of our faith into decisions about our nation’s public policy. 

Loving – The Episcopal Church supports policies that protect the natural resources that sustain all life on Earth. We advocate for policies that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainable energy and the safe and just use of natural resources, and support communities impacted by a lack of environmental stewardship. 

Liberating – Racial reconciliation is a core component of our work, guiding and informing advocacy engagement. The Office of Government Relations challenges long-established policies that perpetuate systemic racism and injustice and strives to change legislation that continues to harm communities of color. The Episcopal Church aims to bring a perspective of transformation to public policy to heal communities marked by marginalization and discrimination. 

Life-Giving – We advocate for policies that will eliminate poverty and help people live with dignity, both in the U.S. and internationally. We advocate for federal programs that provide development assistance and humanitarian relief, including education and healthcare initiatives, as well as support for social safety-net programs, care for veterans, and other U.S.-focused anti-poverty initiatives. 

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Julia Alling

Annual Appeal Manager

For information about the Office of Development or ways to give, contact Julia Alling at 212-716-6271 or click this link to send a message.

Join our circle of BLESS and make a gift today.