Office of Government Relations

Ending Poverty

We advocate for policies that aim to help those living in poverty to meet their basic needs, both in the U.S. and internationally. We advocate for development assistance and humanitarian relief, access to healthcare, and federal support for education. We are committed to a strong social safety net for the most vulnerable Americans.

Urge Congress to Combat HIV/AIDS Globally

Tell Congress to Fight Poverty

Tell Congress to Fully Fund WIC

Social Safety Net

We support policy solutions that ensure programs such as Medicare/Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and Social Security will be able to support the elderly, disabled, and those who would otherwise not be able to meet their basic needs.


We advocate for universal and equitable access to adequate medical care regardless of gender or financial status. The Episcopal Church also encourages and advocates for legislation, programs, and services related to improving maternal mental and physical health and infant development; as well providing the best possible health care to veterans.

EPPN Health Care Series

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Urge Congress to Guarantee Reproductive Rights

Support Maternal Health Care

Tell Congress to Expand Home Care

Tell Congress to Prepare for Future Pandemics

Sign-on letter

Letter to Include Bold Drug Pricing Reform and Medicare Improvement and Expansion in American Families Plan (4/23/21)

Global Health

The Episcopal Church supports the rights of all people around the world to lead healthy, meaningful lives. In particular, we are dedicated to shattering the silence, stigma, and discrimination that plagues the 36.7 million people living with HIV or AIDS around the world. We continue to push for investment in effective prevention and treatment. We partner with Anglicans to push for the end of malaria, TB, and other diseases that impact those living in poverty.

EPPN Global Health Series

Statement: World AIDS Day 2020: Global solidarity, shared responsibility

Tell Congress to Support Foster Care

Tell Congress to Fully Fund WIC

Humanitarian Assistance

The Episcopal Church advocates for sufficient financial support for humanitarian crises around the world and works towards improved access and delivery of humanitarian assistance. We urge governments and institutions to undertake sustainable development, push for gender equality, and promote peace and human rights.

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Justice Engagement: The Poor People’s Campaign

The Episcopal Church engages with the Poor People’s Campaign through the Department of Reconciliation, Justice, and Creation Care (RJCC). Partnerships with these initiatives provide opportunities to articulate the message that The Episcopal Church supports work aimed at our common goal: fulfilling our vision of Jesus’ loving, liberating, and life-giving movement.

The Office of Government Relations