Staff Directory

General Convention Office

The Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe

Executive Officer of the General Convention
(212) 922-5184

Betsey Bell

Executive Assistant to the Executive Officer
(212) 716-6205

The Rev. Carrie Combs

Legislative Data Specialist
(212) 716-6000 or (800) 334-7626

Iris DiLeonardo

Data Specialist and Meetings Assistant
(212) 716-6017

Patrick Haizel

Deputy for Administration and Operations
(212) 716-6046

The Rev. Molly F. James, Ph.D.

Deputy Executive Officer
(212) 716-6048

Brittney Laws

Meeting Coordinator

Jennifer Mendez

Administration and Language Specialist
(212) 716-6087

Brian Murray

Governance Technology Manager
(212) 716-6329

Fiona Nieman

Deputy for Convention and Meeting Planning

Twila Rios

Manager of Digital Information Systems
(212) 716-6141