Presiding Bishop's Office

Associate for Evangelism, Reconciliation and Creation Care
Chief Legal Officer
(212) 716-6173
Administrative Assistant to the Canon
(212) 716-6274
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
(212) 922-5296
Presiding Bishop and Primate
(212) 716-6273
Associate for Pastoral Development
Executive Director, General Board of Examining Chaplains
(828) 859-1205
Executive Coordinator to the Presiding Bishop and Primate
(800) 334-7626 or (212) 716-6273
Special Counsel to the Presiding Bishop for Property Litigation and Discipline
(202) 346-4184
Bishop for the Office of Pastoral Development
Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry Beyond The Episcopal Church
(212) 716-6278
Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Evangelism, Reconciliation and Stewardship of Creation
(212) 716-6086
Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry within the Episcopal Church
(212) 716-6108
Bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe
Bishop Suffragan for Armed Services and Federal Ministries
(202) 459-9998 or (646) 434-0297