Ecumenical and Interreligious

Ecumenical and Interreligious Bodies

January 31, 2018
Ecumenical and Inter-religious Relations

Dialogues and Coordinating Committees

Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue in the USA
The Right Rev. John Bauerschmidt (Tennessee, chair)
The Rev. Dr. Michael Cover (Dallas)
The Rev. Dr. Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski (California)
Dr. John Kiess (Maryland)

Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee
The Right Rev. Douglas Sparks (Northern Indiana, chair)
The Rev. T. Stewart Lucas (Maryland)
The Rev. Nancy Sargent McGrath Green (Eastern Oregon)

Moravian-Episcopal Coordinating Committee
The Rev. Maria Tjeltveit (Bethlehem, chair)
The Rev. T. Scott Allen (Bethlehem)
Mrs. DeDreana Freeman (North Carolina)
The Right Rev. Kevin Nichols (Bethlehem)
The Right Rev. Samuel Rodman (North Carolina)

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Dialogue
The Right Rev. Eugene Sutton (Maryland, chair)
Dr. Michael Booker (Missouri)
The Rev. Canon Elise Johnstone (Lexington)
Ms. Elizabeth Ring (Maine)
The Rev. Joseph Wolyniak (Colorado)

United Methodist Church Dialogue (unofficial website)
Dr. Deirdre Good (Maine, chair)
The Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman (Massachusetts)
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Ferguson (Massachusetts)
The Rev. Mariclair Partee Carlsen (Pennsylvania)
The Right Rev. David Rice (San Joaquin) 

Ecumenical Bodies

Consultation on Common Texts
The Rev. Paul David Fromberg (California)

National Council of Churches
Governing Board: Presiding Bishop Michael Curry (sends proxies)
Faith and Order: The Rev. David Simmons (Milwaukee)
Interreligious Convening Table (Christian Jewish/Christian Muslim): The Rev. Al Moss (Chicago); the Rev. Ted Thompson (Pennsylvania)
Local and Regional Ecumenism Committee: no current appointment

World Council of Churches
Elections and appointments from Busan Assembly 2013.
Central Committee: The Rev. Consuela Sanchez (Honduras)
Faith and Order: The Rev. Dr. Ellen Wondra (Chicago)
Ecumenical Education and Formation: Ms. Carrie Grace Littauer (Olympia)

Ecumenical/Interreligious Bodies

Churches Uniting in Christ
Christian Churches Together
Churches for Middle East Peace
National Religious Partnership for the Environment
Religions for Peace
Shoulder to Shoulder

Other ecumenical/interreligious bodies with which we engage and work

The Rev. Margaret Rose

Deputy for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations

Richard Mammana

Associate for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations