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Past Reckoning: Exploring the Racial History of the Moravian and Episcopal Churches

January 3, 2023
Ecumenical and Inter-religious Relations

This three-part exploration of the racial history of the Moravian and Episcopal churches is based on a webinar series, “Past Reckoning,” which aired in the winter of 2023. The series was created by the Racial Reconciliation Working Group of the Moravian-Episcopal Coordinating Committee. The 90-minute webinars have been reduced to roughly 40-minute segments to be used in an adult-education context in individual Moravian and Episcopal congregations or in a joint study.

The three videos are:

  • “Evangelizing Enslaved People: Good News or Control?”
  • “The Silent Protest Parade: Responses to Racial Violence and Black Leadership in the Church”
  • “The Church and the City: Integration, Segregation, and White Flight”

The videos explore topics in different historical periods (pre-colonial to the Civil War; Reconstruction to Jim Crow; and Civil Rights to today) and seek to connect the history of our churches to our present. The videos include a presentation on the topic (which takes up the whole of the first video) and discussion with panelists (in the last two videos).

The password to watch these videos can be found on page 2 of the series study guide, available here. The guide includes background information, discussion questions, and more.

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