Ecumenical and Interreligious

United States of Love Over Hate: A Ramadan Supper Series

April 11, 2018
Ecumenical and Inter-religious Relations

We all know that relationships with others can be transformational. In a world that seems to be dividing at alarming rates we need to sit down with real, living, breathing human beings more often. Thankfully, many of our religious traditions have spaces built into the regular rhythms of life to make this even more possible.

During the month of Ramadan (May 16 – June 15, 2018), many Muslims fast from sunup to sundown, then gather together – in mosques, homes, restaurants, and elsewhere – to break their fast each evening of the month. Sometimes these dinners (called Iftars) are small family affairs, while others are more festive gatherings of larger groups. 

This year, Shoulder to Shoulder has teamed up with Se7enFast, the Islamic Society of North America, and The People’s Supper for The United States of Love over Hate: A Ramadan Supper Series. The primary goal of this effort is to identify, support, and connect people to Iftars open to interfaith guests across the United States, in order to help facilitate local relationship building among Muslim and non-Muslim communities. We will offer guidance to those already planning Iftars, as well as guidance and support to those looking to put together Iftars (including both larger community dinners, as well as home-based dinners). 

Additionally, houses of worship are invited to display “Love – Your Neighbors” signs outside their buildings during the month of Ramadan, to show their commitment to standing with and getting to know their neighbors.

The Rev. Margaret Rose

Deputy for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations

Richard Mammana

Associate for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations