The Finance Office

Office of the Treasurer and the Office of the Controller

Forms and Guidelines

The Travel Guidelines FOR 2021 continue to emphasize:    

  • Use of the Society’s travel agent, ALTOUR
  • Reimbursement for individual meals according to U.S. Government Services Administration per diem rates
  • Documentation required for reimbursement for individual meals (we expect meal receipts to show itemization for food and beverage, not merely a total amount)


Diocesan Assessment Waivers

The Episcopal Church Canons I.4.6 (f) and (g), approved by General Convention 2015, mandate the full payment of diocesan assessments effective January 1, 2019, but permit Executive Council to grant waivers from the full annual assessments on the basis of financial hardship, a stated plan for working toward full payment, or other reasons.  

N. Kurt Barnes

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

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