The Finance Office

Office of the Treasurer and the Office of the Controller

The Office of the Treasurer manages the operating cash and the longer-term assets of the church, including the endowment portfolio and charitable trusts, and it oversees administration and management of the triennial budget.  

The Office of the Controller records and processes all of the financial transactions for the church, assists the treasurer in developing and monitoring budgets, and works with the church’s independent auditors to implement appropriate controls to safeguard assets and resources of the church.

Audited Financial Statements

Forms and Guidelines

General Convention Budget and Diocesan Commitments


Manual of Business Methods

Monthly Statement of Operations

Travel Loan Services

Quarterly Balance Sheet (unconsolidated)

Grants and Scholarships

Investing with Us

Any Episcopal parish, diocese or other Episcopal-affiliated organization is welcome to place funds in custody in the DFMS Endowment Portfolio.  All funds so invested participate on a pro-rata basis in all returns and share proportionately in the investment management fees and expenses.  There are no additional charges for portfolio administration.  Each new custodial trust fund is created through a resolution of Executive Council.

Socially Responsible Investing

The Episcopal Church has influence on society that is much broader than our physical numbers. The church has extensive financial assets – over $400 million in trust assets; $11 billion in clergy retirement funds; and another $4.5 billion among our parishes and dioceses. Importantly, the church endeavors to make a difference with its money – by investing in socially responsible ways.

N. Kurt Barnes

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

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