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The term is derived from the Greek word for “suspended,” and it concerns the official separation from the church of members guilty of persistent heresy or grave moral offenses. St. […]

Anchorite, Anchoress

A person under religious vows who generally does not leave his or her habitation. An anchorite lives enclosed in a room or cell, usually in very confined conditions. This kind […]

Andalusia College, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

About 1859, the Rev. Horatio Thomas Wells (1816-1871) bought the property in Bucks County where a Dr. William Chapman operated a school for boys with speech defects, known as a […]

Anderson, Charles Palmerton

(Sept. 8, 1865-Jan. 30, 1930). Seventeenth Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, and advocate for world peace and Christian unity. He was born in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, and educated at […]

Andrew, St.

(The brother of Simon Peter. ) They were both fishermen. It was Andrew who brought the boy with the loaves and fishes to Jesus for the feeding of the multitude. […]

Andrewes, Lancelot

(1555-Sept. 26, 1626). Bishop and spiritual writer. He was born in Barking, England. He received his B.A. from Pembroke Hall in 1575, and was ordained in 1580. From 1589 until […]

Andros, Sir Edmond

(Dec. 6, 1637-Feb. 27, 1714). He was governor of the province of New York, 1674-1681, and governor of the Dominion of New England, 1686-1689, where he was a supporter of […]

Andrus, Joseph Raphael

(Apr. 3, 1791-July 28, 1821). The first Episcopal clergyman to serve as an overseas missionary. He was born in Cornwall, Vermont, and studied for the ministry under Bishop Alexander Viets […]


Created spirits that are understood to be sent as messengers of God to human beings. Angels are spiritual beings of a different created order from humanity. They are "spirits in […]


Devotion in honor of the Incarnation, traditionally done three times a day and accompanied by the ringing of a bell. The devotion typically includes repetition of scriptural verses concerning the […]

Anglican and Episcopal History

The Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church began publication in 1932. With the Mar. 1987 issue the name was changed to Anglican and Episcopal History. It began to cover […]

Anglican Catholic, The

The quarterly journal of Affirming Anglican Catholicism in North America. It began publication in Autumn 1994.

Anglican Chant

Chant in four-part harmony for psalms and canticles. Anglican chant reflects development and adaptation of medieval plainsong. Each half verse of the psalm or canticle begins with a reciting note, […]

Anglican Chant Psalter, The (1987)

The Anglican Chant Psalter was edited by Alec Wyton under the supervision of the Standing Commission on Church Music. It was published by the Church Hymnal Corporation. It followed the […]

Anglican Communion, The

Churches in communion with the See of Canterbury throughout the world. Member churches exercise jurisdictional independence but share a common heritage concerning Anglican identity and commitment to scripture, tradition, and […]

Anglican Cycle of Prayer

A collection of intercessions for provinces, dioceses, and bishops throughout the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Cycle of Prayer is published annually by Forward Movement Publications. It also includes special requests […]

Anglican Digest, The

A bi-monthly magazine that seeks to present “an Episcopal miscellany reflecting the ministry of the faithful throughout the Anglican communion.” It is published by SPEAK, the Society for Promoting and […]

Anglican Executive Officer

At the 1958 Lambeth Conference, the Committee on Missionary Appeal and Strategy recommended that a full-time secretary of the Advisory Council on Missionary Strategy be appointed by the Archbishop of […]

Anglican Missal

See Missal Mass.

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