Faith Formation

Creativity in Children's Formation

November 6, 2014
Lifelong Formation

If you haven’t ready read it, have a look at the most recent blog post on Forma, Man Chops Off His Arm.

As Children’s Formation Ministers, I am confident we have all used our “improv” skills at one time or another and enjoyed the results of the Spirit at work through us.

Creativity is such an important aspect of children’s ministry. Be it through storytelling, wondering questions, or art projects, Children’s Ministry incorporates the natural creative nature of the Christian tradition.

While I was on Forma’s site, I noticed that there are quite a few Children’s Ministry resources ‘pinned’ on Forma’s Pinterest page.  In particular, look through the 47 pins on crafts. So many clever and creative ideas.

And I am confident there are so many more each of you are using in your ministry.

What craft projects have you used to allow children to express their faith creatively?

Share your ideas here or on the Lifelong Formation Facebook page.

David Stickley

Formation Associate