Faith Formation

Do adults dare to dream in courageous ways?

November 6, 2014
Lifelong Formation

By now you’ve heard the story about Malala Yousafzai, the teenaged girl who was shot down by the Taliban for speaking up for her rights. If not, read the article from the New York Times, Taliban Gun Down Girl Who Spoke Up For Rights.

Malala’s story has brought so many questions to my mind.

Do we dare to dream in courageous ways?

Have we gotten so absorbed in the everyday, that we let our big dreams fade?

What values would you being willing to die for?

I have often asked myself the question: If I was locked in a room and held at gun point and told that I had to deny my belief in Jesus Christ or die would I be as courageous as Malala?

Please share your stories of people you know who dream deep and who take action to fulfill  those dreams so their stories can be shared with others.

David Stickley

Formation Associate