Faith Formation

How do you Engage the Bible?

November 6, 2014
Lifelong Formation

The Office of Formation is involved with the Anglican Communion project, Bible in the Life of the Church. This project was commissioned by the ACC in 2009 and the Report Deep Engagement; Fresh Discovery was warmly received by the ACC in 2012. The Report not only offers a number of reflections of the place of Scripture across a variety of contexts within the Communion it also has a collection of educational resources to enable us to deepen our engagement with the Bible.

The aim of the next phase of the “Bible in the Life of the Church” project is ‘to motivate a deeper engagement with the Bible across the Communion.’ To do that we need to recognize the successes we have found, challenges we face, and the help that might be available. We would love to know how your congregation is engaging the Bible and what you have struggled with as you try to do so. Please respond below to help us more fully understand what you are using and discover what you find your needs to be. We will not share your name and email, but may personally contact you for more information if we need to follow up. Once we receive your responses, we will share the resources and ideas here!


David Stickley

Formation Associate