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More Advent Resources

November 6, 2014
Lifelong Formation

As we draw even closer to Advent, here are more resources you might find useful in your ministry. These are especially directed toward families as they observe Advent in the home.

From Candle Press:

Messages Advent Calendar offers full-color stickers the child can lick and stick on a calendar that takes the child through Advent.

Messages – Advent 2012 Story Book follows the stickers on the Advent Calendar –for the beginning reader.

Messages From The Bible with a story for each sticker of the Advent Calendar, is written for older children inviting them to engage with the stories, asking their own questions about them.

Messages Advent Table Cards are a set of 4 Table Card Tents can sit on the table during Advent to encourage the family to focus on the messages of Advent.

My colleague, Bronwyn Skov, today posted Liturgical Calendars that will help visually represent the seasons of the Liturgical Year, including Advent. They are downloadable as pdfs.

David Stickley

Formation Associate

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