Faith Formation

Training opportunity: 21st Century Faith Formation

November 6, 2014
Lifelong Formation

The Vision and Practice of 21st Century Faith Formation is a three-day interactive educational program for clergy, faith formation leaders, and staff in all Christian congregations. At these events you will:

  • Understand the new context of faith formation and the diverse religious and spiritual needs of all generations
  • Understand the emerging vision of 21st century learning and faith formation in a connected, networked, digital world
  • Discover a variety of 21st century approaches and resources for faith formation in the congregation, at home, and online
  • Learn how to design faith formation that addresses the religious and spiritual needs of all ages and generations, and uses the new digital media and web technologies
  • Develop the skills for becoming a learning architect and faith formation curator

Under the leadership of John Roberto (LifelongFaith Associates & Vibrant Faith Ministries), events are scheduled for Dallas, Denver, Seattle, San Diego and San Jose.

Space is limited to check it out soon if you want to participate.

David Stickley

Formation Associate