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“The task of the church in the first century or 21st century is to… lift up the values of Jesus in our time. So what can we do? We can vote!” 

– Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Word to the Church, September 16, 2020 

Creation Care and 2020 Election Engagement – Resources  

Faith in Public Life Voter Reflection Guide 
Interfaith Power & Light and the National Council of Churches offer this reflection guide to inspire reflection about democracy, voting rights, creation care, and other issues. As people of faith, we believe that responding to the urgent threat of climate change is essential to caring for God’s creation and loving our neighbors. Consider these questions on “Climate Justice for our Children and World”:

  • What does your faith teach about our responsibilities for the Earth and to others? How are they connected? 
  • Has your faith community made an effort to cut emissions, save energy, or practice environmental stewardship? 
  • As a candidate, what specific policies do you support to protect God’s Creation and secure a safe climate for our children and future generations? 

Interfaith Power and Light Faith Climate Justice Voter Pledge
This pledge connects our faithful commitment to creation care with our civic responsibility to vote. It invites us to “put love into action for every living creature and for every vulnerable community suffering the impacts of our changing climate.” Read more about the pledge and sign up for reminders.

Greenfaith Compassionate Voter Program
Greenfaith’s Compassionate Voter Program offers another way to think about voting with our creation care values in mind. They include resources on voting access and voting rights.

Episcopal Office of Government Relations – Civic Engagement Guides
The Office of Government Relations’ VoteFaithfully 2020 Election Engagement Toolkit includes resources around voting and COVID-19, mobilizing your community, and even election-related Prayers of the People. According to the toolkit: “Getting souls to the polls isn’t just about casting our own vote, but about working together so we all can vote and vote faithfully. We can empower every voice in our congregations in this work.”

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