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Episcopal Election Activators is an Episcopal Church program, run by the Office of Government Relations, that seeks volunteers to help promote and facilitate local non-partisan voter engagement efforts for the 2022 U.S. midterm elections and beyond. We hope to identify a team of dedicated volunteers across the Church who will then help Episcopalians and local communities cast their votes.  

Election Engagement

Getting souls to the polls isn’t just about casting our own vote, but about working together so we all can vote and vote faithfully. We can empower every voice in our congregations in this work.

Is your parish/church community interested in GOTV? Check out Civic Holidays–four chances to engage with national organizations with great resources for voter engagement. This includes Vote Early Day! Sign your parish up as a Vote Early Day partner here.

Revisit our EPPN Election Series which explores election integrity, voter access and more:

From The Pew to the Public Square: This resource booklet provides quick coaching in moral agency, discernment, and decision making for social and community social change. 

Voting and homelessness: tips for voting while homeless that you may find helpful and that may be useful to share within your community.

Hear from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry about why you should become an Election Activator!


We will request at least a 1 year commitment to the program (through the 2022 midterm elections). We will ask all Episcopal Election Activators to provide updates on their work, to connect with local parishes, to help share resources within their networks, and to help direct and mobilize Episcopalians to support elections through voter registration, voter education, providing rides to the polls on election day, and other tasks as needed.   

The program has a rolling application and will involve monthly calls beginning October 2021 through November 2022 with ongoing regular email updates in-between. Similar to our Vote Faithfully engagement in recent years, resources for this program will be based primarily on existing resources from secular organizations (like the Civic Holidays)—making our primary task organizing and motivating. 

Who are we looking for? 

We are hoping to find Episcopalians who love justice and who feel a particular call to public policy advocacy and voter engagement. We are looking for Activators throughout the U.S. and for those who can offer a 1-year commitment. As always, our work in the Office of Government Relations and The Episcopal Church is entirely non-partisan. Activators will be expected to sign a pledge of non-partisanship in order to participate.   

The 2020 U.S. elections, despite being held in a pandemic, were still incredibly successful in higher rates of voter turnout, increased engagement with poll workers joining forces to help keep our election running, and proven security measures that led to one of the most secure elections in U.S. history. Join this effort to help us ensure repeated success in the 2022 midterms and beyond. 

To apply, please fill out the application below. Questions? simply email us at 

Episcopal Election Activator Application

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