Ecumenical and Interreligious

Episcopal Church Dioceses and Evangelical Lutheran Synods

Prepared by Richard Mammana for the Episcopal Church Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations, May 2017; updated March 2022, July 2022.

The Episcopal Church consists of nine provinces, subdivided into 118 dioceses in 16 countries. Ninety-nine of the dioceses are domestic. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America consists of nine regions and 65 synods in the United States and the Bahamas. The two churches have been in full communion since 1999.

The geographical boundaries of these provinces, dioceses, jurisdictions, and episcopal areas do not overlap precisely, but this chart provides information about approximate equivalents in 2022 for dioceses of the Episcopal Church and ELCA synods. The chart is intended to facilitate contact and communication between and among Episcopalians and Evangelical Lutherans in their full communion relationship.

Episcopal ProvinceEpiscopal DioceseELCA RegionELCA Synod
1Connecticut7New England
1Maine7New England
1New Hampshire7New England
1Rhode Island7New England
1Vermont7New England
1Western Massachusetts7New England
2Albany7Upstate New York
2Central New York7Upstate New York
2CubaUnited Evangelical Church in Cuba Lutheran Synod (not ELCA)
2Long Island7Metropolitan New York
2New Jersey7New Jersey
2New York7Metropolitan New York
2Newark7New Jersey
2Rochester7Upstate New York
2Western New York7Upstate New York
3Bethlehem7Northeastern Pennsylvania
3Central Pennsylvania8Allegheny, Northwestern Pennsylvania, Upper Susquehanna
3Northwestern Pennsylvania8Northwestern Pennsylvania
3Pennsylvania7Southeastern Pennsylvania, Lower Susquehanna
3Pittsburgh8Southwestern Pennsylvania
3Southwestern Virginia9Virginia
3Southern Virginia9Virginia
3Washington Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
3West Virginia8West Virginia-Western Maryland
4Central Florida9Florida-Bahamas
4Central Gulf Coast9Florida-Bahamas
4East Carolina9North Carolina
4East Tennessee9Southeastern
4Louisiana9Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast
4North Carolina9North Carolina
4South Carolina9South Carolina
4Southeast Florida9Florida-Bahamas
4Southwest Florida9Florida-Bahamas
4Upper South Carolina9South Carolina
4West Tennessee9Southeastern
4Western North Carolina9North Carolina
5Chicago5Metropolitan Chicago, Northern Illinois
5Eastern Michigan5North/West Lower Michigan (Mitten Synod)
5Eau Claire5Northwest Wisconsin, La Crosse Area
5Fond du Lac5Northern Great Lakes, East Central Synod of Wisconsin
5Michigan6Southeast Michigan
5Milwaukee5Greater Milwaukee, East Central Synod of Wisconsin
5Missouri4Central States
5Northern Indiana6Indiana-Kentucky
5Northern Michigan5Northern Great Lakes
5Ohio6Northeastern Ohio, Northwestern Ohio
5Southern Ohio6Southern Ohio
5Springfield5Central/Southern Illinois
5Western Michigan6North/West Lower Michigan (Mitten Synod)
6Colorado2Rocky Mountain
6Iowa5Northeastern Iowa, Southeastern Iowa, Western Iowa
6Minnesota3Minneapolis Area, St. Paul Area, Northeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Minnesota, Southeastern Minnesota, Southwestern Minnesota
6North Dakota3Eastern North Dakota, Western North Dakota
6South Dakota3South Dakota
6Wyoming2Rocky Mountain
7Dallas4Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana
7Kansas4Central States
7Northwest Texas4Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana
7Rio Grande2Rocky Mountain, Southwestern Texas
7Texas4Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast
7West Missouri4Central States
7West Texas4Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana, Southwestern Texas
7Western Kansas4Central States
7Western Louisiana4Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast, Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana
8Arizona2Grand Canyon
8California2Sierra Pacific
8Eastern Oregon1Oregon
8El Camino Real2Sierra Pacific
8Idaho1Northwest Intermountain
8Los Angeles2Southwest California
8Navajoland2Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain
8Nevada2Grand Canyon, Sierra Pacific
8Northern California2Sierra Pacific
8Olympia1Southwestern Washington
8San Diego2Pacifica
8San Joaquin2Pacifica
8Spokane2Northwest Intermountain
8Utah2Rocky Mountain

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