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Episcopal Church Dioceses and Presbyterian Synods

Prepared by Richard Mammana for the Episcopal Church Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations, May 2017; revised April 2022, July 2022.

The Episcopal Church consists of nine provinces, subdivided into 118 dioceses in 17 countries. Ninety-eight of the dioceses are domestic to the United States. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is organized as 16 synods and 172 presbyteries in the United States. The two churches have been engaged in formal dialogue since the second half of the nineteenth century.

The geographical boundaries of these provinces, dioceses, and synods do not overlap precisely, but this chart provides information about approximate equivalents in 2022 for dioceses of the Episcopal Church and Presbyterian synods.

Episcopal ProvinceEpiscopal DiocesePC (U.S.A.) Synod
1ConnecticutSynod of the Northeast
1MaineSynod of the Northeast
1New HampshireSynod of the Northeast
1Rhode IslandSynod of the Northeast
1VermontSynod of the Northeast
1Western MassachusettsSynod of the Northeast
2AlbanySynod of the Northeast
2Central New YorkSynod of the Northeast
2Long IslandSynod of the Northeast
2New JerseySynod of the Northeast
2New YorkSynod of the Northeast
2NewarkSynod of the Northeast
2RochesterSynod of the Northeast
2Episcopal Partnership of Buffalo and NW PennsylvaniaSynod of the Northeast
3BethlehemSynod of the Trinity
3DelawareSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3Central PennsylvaniaSynod of the Trinity
3EastonSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3MarylandSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3Episcopal Partnership of NW Pennsylvania and BuffaloSynod of the Trinity
3PennsylvaniaSynod of the Trinity
3PittsburghSynod of the Trinity
3Southwestern VirginiaSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3Southern VirginiaSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3VirginiaSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3WashingtonSynod of Mid-Atlantic
3West VirginiaSynod of the Trinity
4AlabamaSynod of Living Waters
4AtlantaSynod of the South Atlantic
4Central FloridaSynod of the South Atlantic
4Central Gulf CoastSynod of the South Atlantic
4East CarolinaSynod of Mid-Atlantic
4East TennesseeSynod of Living Waters
4FloridaSynod of the South Atlantic
4GeorgiaSynod of the South Atlantic
4KentuckySynod of Living Waters
4LexingtonSynod of Living Waters
4LouisianaSynod of the Sun
4MississippiSynod of Living Waters
4North CarolinaSynod of Mid-Atlantic
4South CarolinaSynod of the South Atlantic
4Southeast FloridaSynod of the South Atlantic
4Southwest FloridaSynod of the South Atlantic
4TennesseeSynod of Living Waters
4Upper South CarolinaSynod of the South Atlantic
4West TennesseeSynod of Living Waters
4Western North CarolinaSynod of Mid-Atlantic
5ChicagoSynod of Lincoln Trails
5Eastern MichiganSynod of the Covenant
5Eau ClaireSynod of Lakes and Prairies
5Fond du LacSynod of Lakes and Prairies
5IndianapolisSynod of Lincoln Trails
5MichiganSynod of the Covenant
5MilwaukeeSynod of Lakes and Prairies
5MissouriSynod of Mid-America
5Northern IndianaSynod of Lincoln Trails
5Northern MichiganSynod of the Covenant
5OhioSynod of the Covenant
5Southern Ohio (Episcopalians in Connection)Synod of the Covenant
5SpringfieldSynod of Lincoln Trails
5Western MichiganSynod of the Covenant
6ColoradoSynod of the Rocky Mountains
6IowaSynod of Lakes and Prairies
6MinnesotaSynod of Lakes and Prairies
6MontanaSynod of the Rocky Mountains
6NebraskaSynod of Lakes and Prairies
6North DakotaSynod of Lakes and Prairies
6South DakotaSynod of Lakes and Prairies
6WyomingSynod of the Rocky Mountains
7ArkansasSynod of the Sun
7DallasSynod of the Sun
7KansasSynod of Mid-America
7Northwest TexasSynod of the Sun
7OklahomaSynod of the Sun
7Rio GrandeSynod of the Southwest
7TexasSynod of the Sun
7West MissouriSynod of Mid-America
7West TexasSynod of the Sun
7Western KansasSynod of Mid-America
7Western LouisianaSynod of the Sun
8AlaskaSynod of Alaska/Northwest
8ArizonaSynod of the Southwest
8CaliforniaSynod of the Pacific
8Eastern OregonSynod of the Pacific
8El Camino RealSynod of the Pacific
8Hawai’iSynod of Southern California and Hawaii
8IdahoSynod of the Pacific
8Los AngelesSynod of the Pacific
8NavajolandSynod of the Southwest
8NevadaSynod of the Pacific
8Northern CaliforniaSynod of the Pacific
8OlympiaSynod of Alaska/Northwest
8OregonSynod of the Pacific
8San DiegoSynod of Southern California and Hawaii
8San JoaquinSynod of the Pacific
8SpokaneSynod of the Pacific
8UtahSynod of the Rocky Mountains

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