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Episcopal Church Dioceses and United Methodist Episcopal Areas

Prepared by Richard Mammana with Kyle Tau for the Episcopal Church Office of Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations, May 2017. Revised June 2019.

The Episcopal Church consists of nine provinces, subdivided into 111 dioceses in 17 countries. Ninety-nine of the dioceses are domestic. The United Methodist Church consists of five jurisdictions and 46 episcopal areas in the United States.

The geographical boundaries of these provinces, dioceses, jurisdictions, and episcopal areas do not overlap precisely. These chart provides information about approximate equivalents in 2017 for dioceses of the Episcopal Church and United Methodist jurisdictions and episcopal areas. Links from each diocese and jurisdiction point to individual websites and contact information. 

Episcopal Province Episcopal Diocese United Methodist Jurisdiction United Methodist Episcopal Area
1 Connecticut Northeastern Boston, New York
1 Maine Northeastern Boston
1 New Hampshire Northeastern Boston
1 Rhode Island Northeastern Boston
1 Vermont Northeastern Boston
1 Western Massachusetts Northeastern Boston
2 Northeastern Upper New York
2 Northeastern Upper New York
2 Long Island Northeastern New York
2 New Jersey Northeastern New Jersey
2 New York Northeastern New York
2 Newark Northeastern New Jersey
2 Rochester Northeastern Upper New York
2 Western New York Northeastern Upper New York
3 Bethlehem Northeastern Philadelphia, Harrisburg
3 Northeastern Philadelphia
3 Central Pennsylvania Northeastern Harrisburg
3 Easton Northeastern Philadelphia
3 Maryland Northeastern Washington
3 Northwestern Pennsylvania Northeastern Pittsburgh
3 Pennsylvania Northeastern Philadelphia
3 Pittsburgh Northeastern Pittsburgh
3 Southwestern Virginia Southeastern Holston
3 Southern Virginia Southeastern Richmond
3 Virginia Southeastern Richmond
3 Washington Northeastern Washington
3 West Virginia Southeastern West Virginia
4 Alabama Southeastern Alabama-West Florida, Birmingham
4 Atlanta Southeastern North Georgia
4 Central Florida Southeastern Florida
4 Central Gulf Coast Southeastern Alabama-West Florida
4 East Carolina Southeastern Raleigh
4 East Tennessee Southeastern Holston
4 Florida Southeastern Florida
4 Georgia Southeastern South Georgia
4 Kentucky Southeastern Louisville
4 Lexington Southeastern Louisville
4 Louisiana South Central Louisiana
4 Mississippi Southeastern Mississippi
4 North Carolina Southeastern Raleigh
4 South Carolina Southeastern Columbia
4 Southeast Florida Southeastern Florida
4 Southwest Florida Southeastern Florida
4 Tennessee Southeastern Nashville
4 Upper South Carolina Southeastern Columbia
4 West Tennessee Southeastern Nashville
4 Western North Carolina Southeastern Charlotte
5 Chicago North Central Chicago
5 Eastern Michigan North Central Michigan
5 Eau Claire North Central Wisconsin
5 Fond du Lac North Central Wisconsin
5 Indianapolis North Central Indiana
5 Michigan North Central Michigan
5 Milwaukee North Central Wisconsin
5 Missouri South Central Missouri
5 Northern Indiana North Central Indiana
5 Northern Michigan North Central Michigan
5 Ohio North Central Ohio East, Ohio West
5 North Central Ohio East, Ohio West
5 Springfield North Central Illinois
5 Western Michigan North Central Michigan
6 Colorado North Central Mountain Sky
6 Iowa North Central Iowa
6 Minnesota North Central Dakotas-Minnesota
6 Montana Western Mountain Sky
6 Nebraska South Central Great Plains
6 North Dakota North Central Dakotas-Minnesota
6 South Dakota North Central Dakotas-Minnesota
6 Wyoming Western Mountain Sky
7 Arkansas South Central Arkansas
7 Dallas South Central Dallas
7 Fort Worth South Central Fort Worth
7 Kansas South Central Great Plains
7 Northwest Texas South Central Northwest Texas-New Mexico
7 Oklahoma South Central Oklahoma
7 Rio Grande South Central Northwest Texas-New Mexico
7 Texas South Central Houston
7 West Missouri South Central Missouri
7 West Texas South Central Northwest Texas-New Mexico
7 Western Kansas South Central Great Plains
7 Western Louisiana South Central Louisiana
8 Alaska Western Greater Northwest
8 Arizona Western Phoenix
8 California Western San Francisco
8 Eastern Oregon Western Oregon-Idaho
8 El Camino Real Western San Francisco
8 Hawai’i Western Hawaii
8 Idaho Western California-Pacific
8 Los Angeles Western Los Angeles
8 Navajoland Western Mountain Sky, Phoenix
8 Nevada Western San Francisco, Phoenix
8 Northern California Western San Francisco
8 Olympia Western Greater Northwest
8 Oregon Western Oregon-Idaho
8 San Diego Western Los Angeles
8 San Joaquin Western Los Angeles
8 Utah Western Mountain Sky

Prepared by Richard Mammana and Kyle Tau, Ecumenical Staff Officer for the Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church

United Methodist Jurisdiction United Methodist Episcopal Area United Methodist Annual Conference(s) Episcopal Diocese(s) Province
North Central Chicago Northern Illinois Chicago V
North Central Wisconsin Wisconson Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Milwaukee V
North Central Indiana Indiana Indianapolis, Northern Indiana V
North Central Michigan Michigan Eastern Michigan, Michigan, Northern Michigan, Western Michigan V
North Central Ohio East Ohio East Ohio, Southern Ohio V
North Central Ohio West Ohio West Ohio, Southern Ohio V
North Central Illinois Illinois Great Rivers Springfield V
North Central Iowa Iowa Iowa VI
North Central Dakotas-Minnesota Dakotas, Minnesota Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota VI
Northeastern Boston New England Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Massachusetts I
Northeastern Upper New York Upper New York Albany, Central New York, Rochester, Western New York II
Northeastern New York New York Long Island, New York II
Northeastern New Jersey GreaterNew Jersey Newark, New Jersey II
Northeastern Harrisburg Susqueanna Central Pennsylvania III
Northeastern Philadelphia Eastern Pennsylvania, Peninsula-Delaware Bethlehem, Delaware, Easton, Pennsylvania III
Northeastern Pittsburgh Western Pennsylvania Northwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh III
Northeastern Washington Baltimore-Washington Washington, Maryland III
Northeastern West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia III
South Central Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana, Western Louisiana IV and VII
South Central Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas VII
South Central Missouri Missouri Annual Conference Missouri, West Missouri V and VII
South Central Great Plains Great Plains Kansas, Nebraska, Western Kansas VII
South Central Oklahoma Oklaoma Oklahoma VII
South Central Dallas North Texas Dallas VII
South Central Fort Worth Central Texas Fort Worth VII
South Central Houston Texas Texas VII
South Central San Antonio Rio Texas West Texas VII
South Central Northwest Texas-New Mexico Northwest Texas, New Mexico Northwest Texas, Rio Grande, Navajoland Area Mission VII and VIII
Southeastern Holston Holston East Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia IV and III
Southeastern Richmond Virginia Southern Virginia, Virginia III
Southeastern North Georgia North Georgia Atlanta IV
Southeastern Florida Florida Central Florida, Florida, Southeast Florida, Southwest Florida IV
Southeastern Alabama-West Florida Alabama-West Florida Central Gulf Coast IV
Southeastern South Georgia South Georgia Georgia IV
Southeastern Louisville Kentucky, Red Bird Missionary Kentucky, Lexington IV
Southeastern Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi IV
Southeastern Raleigh North Carolina East Carolina, North Carolina IV
Southeastern Columbia South Carolina South Carolina, Upper South Carolina IV
Southeastern Birmingham North Alabama Alabama IV
Southeastern Nashville Memphis, Tennessee Tennessee, West Tennessee IV
Southeastern Charlotte Western North Carolina Western North Carolina IV
Western Phoenix Desert Southwest Arizona, Nevada VIII
Western Los Angeles California-Pacific Los Angeles, Hawaii VIII
Western San Francisco California-Nevada California, El Camino Real, Nevada, Northern California, San Joaquin VIII
Western Greater Northwest Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Oregon Idaho Alaska, Olympia, Spokane, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Oregon VIII
Western Mountain Sky Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming VI and VIII
United Methodist Central Conference      
Europe Central Conference Central and Southern Europe Austria Provisional Annual Conference, Bulgaria-Romania Provisional Annual Conference, Czech and Slovak Republics Annual Conference, Hungary Provisional Annual Conference, Poland Annual Conference, Serbia-Macedonia Provisional Annual Conference, Switzerland-France-North Africa Annual Conference Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe II
Europe Central Conference Germany Germany East Annual Conference, Germany North Annual Conference, Germany South Annual Conference Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe II

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Deputy for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations

Richard Mammana

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