Global Mission Digital Toolkit

The Global Mission Digital Toolkit is intended for individuals, small groups, congregations, dioceses, and our partners across the Anglican Communion. The lens of the toolkit will focus on the Way of Love: Practices for a Jesus-centered Life and the Standing Commission’s Guiding Principles for World Mission.

The resources included in this toolkit are webinars, videos, downloadable PDFs, articles, and other online resources. All the educational materials will explore the biblical, theological, historical, ecclesial, and cultural dimensions of God’s call to global mission. The educational materials will highlight the sacred truth that world mission means being present with others, as Jesus became incarnate and was present with us, and that as companions in mission, we are open to one another, learn from one another, and are transformed as we reach a deeper understanding of what it means to be Christians together, even across boundaries might otherwise divide. The toolkit will be a living thing that can be added to and updated as new resources are developed and as our understanding of global mission engagement transforms. All resources will be available in English and Spanish.

The toolkit development was funded by a Constable Fund Grant and done in collaboration between The Episcopal Church’s Office of Global Partnerships, The Standing Commission on World Mission, and The Global Episcopal Mission Network.

The toolkit is also available in Español.

Upcoming Events

Global Mission Networking Call This is monthly call on the first Wednesday of each month from 2-3pm Eastern for all interested or engaged in global mission to come together to learn and share about their ministries. Click here to register.

Office of Global Partnerships Regional Webinar Series – Global Partnerships is excited to offer webinars to introduce you to our partnership officers and the regions they work in across the Anglican Communion. You can watch the webinar recordings below:

Toolkit Resources

What is Mission?:
A Personal Journey

History of Mission: Small Group Study

Becoming a World Where Love Is the Way: Guiding Principles for World Mission

God’s Mission: A Conversation

Companion Relationship Guidelines

Standing Commission on World Mission Message to the Church

The Standing Commission on World Mission invites the Church to embrace and remember this call to God’s mission throughout the world:

Crossing Boundaries, Listening Deeply, Living Like Jesus, Together

Crossing Boundaries

Following the example of Jesus, who sent disciples into all the world, the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement is a global church. We gather as communities in North, Central, and South America, in Europe, and in Asia. We are part of the Anglican Communion. We work with ecumenical and inter- religious partners. We cross global boundaries at home through relationships with migrants and refugees. When we cross boundaries with love, we are sharing in God’s mission.

Where is God calling us?

Listening Deeply

As we cross boundaries, with the help of God, we strive to listen deeply to one another and to the Word of God in Holy Scripture. We discover and honor sacred differences in cultures and people. We repent of harm caused by failing to listen and failing to honor one another. We hear the Spirit calling us to renounce evil powers that corrupt and destroy the creatures of God.

Whose voices need to be heard?

Living Like Jesus

Jesus proclaimed the good news of God’s reign of love in this world. Episcopal Church mission priorities of evangelism, reconciliation, and creation care have global dimensions. Following Jesus in the Way of Love calls us to work with global partners to address racism, environmental degradation, human migration, challenges to human rights, poverty, and the need for sustainable development – all while proclaiming God’s love, mercy, and hope.

What would Jesus say or do today?


God’s mission is to make us one together, to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. We have far to go, but as we walk together, God is at work among us. We trust that God has poured out gifts on the whole Church. We seek mutual, interdependent relationships – offering and receiving gifts, respecting differences, sharing joys and sorrows, learning from each other, living into God’s Beloved Community, Becoming a World Where Love is the Way.

How will we walk more closely together?

The SCWM discerned Guiding Principles to frame the work of and offer a direction for global mission for The Episcopal Church and its mission partners around the world, to walk the Way of Love in a global context. The Message to the Church, Becoming a World Where Love Is the Way, embodies these Guiding Principles.

The Guiding Principles will be a Resolution to the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, to include an invitation to all dioceses and jurisdictions to have a Global Mission Advocate to nurture the ongoing work of global mission.

Videos for Deeper Reflection on the Guiding Principles

Racial Reconciliation and World Mission Resources

On June 9, 2020, the Anglican Diocese of Brasilia released a statement in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The day before a peaceful demonstration took place with Bishop Maurício Andrade, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Brasilia, the Revd. Tati Ribeiro, Pastor of the Anglican Cathedral of the Resurrection, and members of the community who all knelt in front of the Cathedral in Brasilia with their arms stretched out into fists. 

Along with the statement from the Anglican Diocese of Brasilia, you will find a reflection for individuals and small groups to further understand the statement and discern God’s call for racial reconciliation.

Black Lives Matter Statement from the Anglican Diocese of Brasilia (English)

Las vidas negras importan de la Diócesis Anglicana de Brasilia (español)

Vidas negras importam declaração da Diocese Anglicana de Brasília (Português)

Creation Care and World Mission Resources

Online Ecotheology Lecture Series

Globally, the Anglican Church has long been concerned with environmental issues. The Anglican Communion states that the fifth mark of mission is ‘to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the earth’. The Anglican Church of Southern Africa environmental network aims to support churches and Dioceses to fulfil Gods call to be Earth keepers and to care for creation.

In 2012 a Provincial Coordinator, the Rev. Rachel Mash was appointed. The Network became a movement under the name of “Green Anglicans” and is based in South Africa. The movement has now spread to Central Africa (Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe), Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Portugal. 

The Mission of the Green Anglicans movement is to:

  • Resource and inspire Anglicans in the spirituality of Caring for Creation
  • Inspire and encourage individuals to live sustainable lives
  • Inspire and equip Churches and Dioceses to practical actions as Earth keepers
  • Challenge and network individuals, Churches and Dioceses to prophetic acts of advocacy

The Green Anglicans Movement hosted an online Lecture Series led by the Rev. Rachel Mash and the Rev Shaun Cozett. In the series, The Rev. Rachel Mash looks at the connection between spirituality and creation in the Old and New Testament and The Rev. Shaun Cozett addresses climate change in Africa and the use of Liturgy and care for creation.

The Lecture Series aired in October and November of 2020 and participants joined from countries like Eswatini, Lesotho, and South Africa. 

For more information visit the Green Anglicans website.

GEMN Mission Formation Program

The Global Episcopal Mission Network (GEMN) Mission Formation Program is an educational and formation opportunity for those who want to delve deeper into the ministry of global mission. 

Held by GEMN for over 20 years, the Mission Formation Program gives people involved in parish and diocesan global mission initiatives the opportunity to explore biblical foundations, mission theology and history, cultural and inter-religious sensitivity, discernment, short-term and long-term mission standards, companionship in mission, mission team and project development, leadership styles and group process. 

In addition to program attendance, participants complete reading, carry out a project between Year 1 and Year 2 and prepare mission reports. Upon completing the program, participants receive certification as Global Mission Agents.

To find out more about the Mission Formation Program, please visit

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) welcomes refugees, educates communities, and mobilizes congregations to advocate for the protection and rights of all migrants. EMM embodies the call to welcome our neighbors and fulfill our baptismal promise to respect and lift up the dignity of every human being. As one of the nine national refugee resettlement agencies in the United States partnered with the government, EMM has 12 affiliate offices in 10 states. 

Principle Eight of The Standing Commission on World Mission’s Guiding Principles states: “Advocate for structural changes to support global mission issues, including promoting the dignity of all and honoring refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers everywhere.” EMM walks in love with our siblings around the world by supporting refugees and asylum seekers as well as educating and empowering communities to advocate for the rights of all migrants. 

You may access EMM’s extensive list of resources at There are resources for congregations and individuals including toolkits, training, and book discussion kits as well as regular webinars and an annual Border and Migration Ministry Summit. 

Office of Government Relations

In this video, Patricia Kisare, the International Policy Advisor for The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations (OGR) introduces the many focus areas and functions of OGR and their connection to our Anglican Communion partners. 

Patricia Kisare, International Policy Advisor:

To learn more, please visit

Additional resources:

World Mission Resources

Regional Webinars

Anglican Cycle of Prayer 2021-2023

GEMN Global Mission Cycle of Prayer

The Rev. David Copley

Director, Global Partnerships and Mission Personnel

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Global Episcopal Mission Network

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Standing Commission on World Mission

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