Bilateral and Covenant Relationships

Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America (IARCA)

La Iglesia Anglicana  de la Region Central de America (IARCA), which includes Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador, dates back to the 18th century and is based on their relationships with the Church of England and The Episcopal Church. The five dioceses constituting the Anglican Church in the Central Region of America (known as IARCA in Spanish) have a favorable view of their relationship with The Episcopal Church. A Covenant agreement approved by the 1997 General Convention gave autonomy to the dioceses to form a new Province within the Anglican Communion and set the basis for partnership relations. Multiple forms of partnerships—companion dioceses, friends of a  diocese, and others such as Episcopal Relief and Development—play a significant role in the life of the Central American Church. IARCA receives financial support from The Episcopal Church through a  block  grant  and  participation in some  Episcopal Church  programs, such as the Ecumenical Academy of Leadership and the ABCD  training for  sustainability.  

The Rev. David Copley

Director, Global Partnerships and Mission Personnel

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