Social Justice & Advocacy Engagement

Learning from Prophets Among Us:

Films about Episcopal Justice Pioneers

These two films explore the life and wisdom of Canon Ed Rodman, one of the most important Episcopal freedom-fighters alive today. From his teen years as a civil rights activist featured on the cover of Life magazine, to his tenure as a board member of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), to his role as a founder of the Union of Black Episcopalians and as primary author of the church’s anti-racism training, Rodman has shaped the church’s journey toward justice and beloved community for more than half a century.

Prophets Among Us: Conversations with Justice Pioneers featuring the Rev. Canon Ed Rodman

Conversation between Rodman and the Rev. Hershey Mallette Stephens, priest and activist. Focus on lessons for today’s justice leaders – 19 minutes

Canon Ed Rodman

Documentary-style film capturing the full picture of Rodman’s life and ministry – 35 minutes

Films produced by the Committee to Celebrate the Legacy and Wisdom of Canon Ed Rodman, through partnership with The Episcopal Church’s Office of Communication and Office of Social Justice and Engagement, along with Episcopal Divinity School and the Diocese of Massachusetts.

“Prophets Among Us” filmed by the Office of Communication. “Canon Ed Rodman” filmed by Heritage Films.

The Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg

Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation

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The Rev. Melanie Mullen

Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care

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