Social Justice and Engagement

Social justice and advocacy engagement is the work of Episcopalians to build community networks for justice by connecting and mobilizing people “from the pews to the public square”. 

Episcopal Justice Assembly

What does it mean to build our collective energy and moral vision? In Episcopal Justice Assemblies we have learned from Episcopalians who are leaders in the struggle for economic and racial justice, speaking to this changing landscape and moment. Watch the recording for the November 19th, 2020 Episcopal Justice Assembly in the video channel below, and sign up for updates about future Justice Assemblies here.

From the Pew to the Public Square Gatherings

Throughout 2021, Episcopalians are coming together to talk about the fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. Inspired by Matthew 25:35-40, each gathering will focus on one of these six themes: prisons and criminal justice, water access, food justice, health and healthcare, immigration, and housing. These virtual events are open to all Episcopalians and our collaborators, and will focus on concrete strategies for making change. The “From the Pew to the Public Square Guide” will be a starting point for these discussions on doing justice work in our churches and beyond.

The first gathering, Churches Re-imagining Policing and Criminal Justice, was March 23rd, 2021. The April 20th gathering focused on water access and environmental justice. The July 27th, 2021 gathering was about health equity and expanding healthcare access. Recordings of past gatherings can watched in the video channel below.

The next Pew to the Public Square gathering will be September 28th, 2021 at 6 PM ET and will focus on housing. Register here.

Download “From the Pew to the Public Square” and Protest Chaplain Handbook

New resources for Episcopalians, Social Issues and Community Change

Taking up Presiding Bishop Curry’s charge for Episcopal faith communities to live out our public witness and sacred values, From the Pew to the Public Square provides quick coaching in moral agency, discernment, and decision making for social and community social change.

Download From the Pew to the Public Square Resource Booklet covering five ways Episcopalians can make social change.

Poor People’s Campaign

The Rev. Isaiah “Shaneequa” Brokenleg

Staff Officer for Racial Reconciliation

The Rev. Melanie Mullen

Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care