The Office of Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Office provides statistics, biographies, photos, background information, and other resources to media representatives reporting on the mission and ministries of The Episcopal Church


Brief Dictionary of Terms

ANGLICAN COMMUNION: Churches around the world that are in communion with each other and with the See of Canterbury, (i.e., Church of England) and that …
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Episcopal Church Style Guide

The official name of the church is The Episcopal Church. When writing about The Episcopal Church, please follow these guidelines: In the first reference, the full name …
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Episcopal Church Finances

Where does The Episcopal Church get its money? The financial base of The Episcopal Church is the voluntary financial contributions of its members. How is the money …
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Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion

Almost all dioceses of The Episcopal Church are actively engaged in companion diocese relationships. Episcopal seminaries enroll and generally fund students from around the Anglican …
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A challenge that unites

The Rev. Marek Zabriskie believes everyone should read the Bible.  And, he’s utilizing websites, social media, and all of today’s tools to bring the message …
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Amanda Skofstad

Public Affairs Officer

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