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78 educational scholarships granted throughout Episcopal Church, Anglican Communion

July 8, 2015
Office of Public Affairs

Samuel A. McDonald, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Director of Mission for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, has announced that 78 educational scholarships, totaling $216,903.44 have been awarded to students in Episcopal Church dioceses as well as Provinces of the Anglican Communion for the 2015-2016 academic year.

McDonald, who serves as the convener of the Scholarship Committee, said that 133 applications were received and reviewed.

Margareth Crosnier de Bellaistre, Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society Director of Investment Management and Banking, explained that scholarships were available for ethnic communities, children of missionaries, bishops and clergy, and other particular wide-ranging eligibility for education and training.  “Funding for the program is derived from annual income of designated trust funds established by generous donors,” she said.

The number of students and dioceses are:

4 Alabama; 2 Arizona; 1 Arkansas; 3 Atlanta; 1 California; 1 Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe; 1 Dallas; 1 East Carolina; 1 El Camino Real; 2 Fond du Lac; 3 Haiti; 3 Hawaii; 1 Idaho; 1 Kansas; 1 Long Island; 1 Los Angeles; 1 Massachusetts; 1 Michigan; 1 Milwaukee; 1 Missouri; 1 New Hampshire; 4 New Jersey; 4 New York; 1   Oklahoma; 1 Olympia; 1 Oregon; 2 Episcopal Church in South Carolina; 2 South Dakota; 4 Southeast Florida; 1 Southern Ohio; 1 Southwest Florida; 2 Spokane; 1 Taiwan; 1 Virgin Islands; 2 Virginia; 2 Washington; 1 West Tennessee; 1 West Virginia; 1 Western Massachusetts; 1 Western New York.

The number of students and Anglican provinces/dioceses are:

2  Anglican Church of Canada; 2 Diocese of Bunia (DRCongo); 2 Diocese of Aru (DRCongo); 1 Diocese of Kivu, (DRCongo); 1 Diocese of Wau, Church of Sudan; 1 Guyana ; 2 North Kivu (Anglican Church of Congo); 2 Liberia.

The lists of trust funds and scholarships as well as key information are here

Applications were reviewed by a scholarship committee which includes staff of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society: the Director of Mission, the Director of Human Resources Management, representatives of various ministries, and the Treasurer’s office.

For information about the next cycle of scholarships, contact Ann Hercules, Associate for Grants and Scholarships for the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society. 



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