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United Thank Offering grants: $1.5 million for Episcopal Church, Anglican Communion mission, ministry

June 12, 2014
Office of Public Affairs

The United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church has awarded 48 grants for a total of $1,525,407.78 for the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. The 2014 grants were awarded to projects in 36 domestic and overseas dioceses. 

The grants were announced at the Episcopal Church Executive Council meeting in Phoenix, AZ on June 12.

Known worldwide as UTO, the United Thank Offering grants are awarded for projects that address human needs and help alleviate poverty, both domestically and internationally.

A total of 83 grant applications were received and reviewed by the United Thank Offering Grants Committee.  Those recommendations were presented to the Executive Council Joint Standing Committee on Worldwide Mission, which is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the recommendations.  The Joint Committee presented the final recommendations to the Executive Council for approval.

The grants ranged from $2,500 to the Diocese of Iowa to $124,750 to the Diocese of California and their companion diocese, Malawi.


  • Diocese of California – The Health & Wellness Center of Holy Child & St. Martin's:  $37,500.00
  • Diocese of California (Companion – Malawi) – Building Malawi's Nursing Workforce, St. Anne College:   $124,749.98
  • Diocese of Central New York – The Trinity of the Undercroft:  $84,000.00
  • Diocese of Colorado (Companion – Haiti) – Increasing Career Readiness of Students In Rural Haiti:  $62,000.00
  • Diocese of Dominican Republic – Church/Shelter Mission Santa Ana, Mendoza:  $105,874.00
  • Diocese of East Carolina (Companion – Dominican Republic) – Colegio Episcal Prof, Laura Morrow Playground Project:  $27,842.00
  • Diocese of Ecuador Litoral – Creation & Equipment of a Community Helping Center:         $48,010.00
  • Diocese of Florida – Healing Hands Dental Ministry:  $46,000.00
  • Diocese of Florida (Companion – Cuba) – Camp Blankingship in Cuba:  $51,750.00
  • Diocese of Georgia – Dairen Community Youth Group:  $30,000.00
  • Diocese of Honduras – Vehicle for Self-Sustainability in Honduras:  $15,000.00
  • Diocese of Idaho – La Gracia Van:  $15,000.00
  • Diocese of Iowa – Jubilee Community Center:  $2,500.00
  • Diocese of Kansas – Education Promoting Hope:  $9,645.00
  • Diocese of Kentucky – Christ Church's Wednesday Lunch Program  $4,180.00
  • Diocese of Long Island – Immigrant Wellness Program:  $24,960.00
  • Diocese of Long Island (Companion – Ghana) – Establishment of Rural Health Centre:  $35,000.00
  • Diocese of Louisiana – St. Paul's Community Center :  $37,800.00
  • Diocese of Massachusetts – B-Peace for Jorge Campaign:  $20,000.00
  • Diocese of Massachusetts (Companion – Tanzania) English Immersion & Enrichment Program at Hegongo Holy Cross HS:  $8,850.00
  • Diocese of Mexico – Community Room and Reception Area:  $23,173.90
  • Diocese of Michigan – Refurbishment of Kitchen for Daily Breakfast Program:  $76,275.34
  • Diocese of Mississippi – Trinity Episcopal Church Casket Lift:  $36,975.00
  • Diocese of Mississippi (Companion – Panama) – Renovation of Bishop Gooden Center:  $43,738.00
  • The Church of the Province of Myanmar – St. Peter Bible School Building:  $43,067.00
  • Navajoland Area Mission – Waging Hozho:  $47,601.00
  • Diocese of Northern California – Homeless Seniors Needs Study:  $17,160.00
  • Diocese of Rochester – Building a Safe/Healthy Neighborhood: One Family at a Time:  $25,195.65
  • Diocese of Southeast Florida (Companion – Haiti) – A Joyful Sound: Empowering Haitian Children Through Music:  $30,875.00
  • Diocese of Southern Ohio – Confluence House:  $9,875.00
  • Diocese of Southwestern Virginia – Dental Equipment for a Mobile Unit to Reach Underserved:  $41,239.00
  • Diocese of Upper South Carolina (Companion – Haiti) – Ecole Bon Saveur Latrine Project, Cange, Haiti:  $25,000.00
  • Diocese of Virginia – Bread & Roses Ministry of Trinity Church:  $17,000.00
  • Diocese of Virginia (Companion – South Sudan) – School Vehicle for Hope & Resurrection Secondary School:  $49,575.00
  • Diocese of Western Massachusetts – Support for Victims of Domestic Violence:  $11,349.00
  • Diocese of Western Michigan – El Corazón:  $11,500.00

The United Thank Offering award funds are derived from the Ingatherings/funds/contributions received through offerings from the well-known and easily recognizable United Thank Offering Blue Box.


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