Safe Church

Bronwyn Clark Skov

Manager for Safe Church and Special Projects

(646) 242-1421

Model Policies for the Protection of Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults

In the Model Policies, you will find that each diocese shall adopt a Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth and a Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults that is consistent with and/or exceeds the requirements in this model policy. 

Dioceses may adopt site-specific variations from this model policy, where permitted by their governing body, which shall be described in detail, including the circumstances under which those variations are to be permitted and their rationale. This approval shall be recorded in the minutes of the governing body. 

The bishop or ecclesiastical authority for each diocese shall inform congregations and other organizations within the diocese of the contents of the diocesan policy, the requirement that each congregation or organization adopt a policy in accordance with the diocesan policy, and the vendor(s) approved by each diocese to conduct Public Records Checks. 

Each diocese is required to conduct a Safe Church Self-Audit every three years to confirm compliance with diocesan safe church policies.