United Thank Offering

2020 UTO Grant Applications Available!

September 6, 2019
United Thank Offering

The United Thank Offering Board is very happy to announce that 2020 grant applications and all associated documents are now available on our website: https://www.episcopalchurch.org/united-thank-offering. The Young Adult and Seminarian (YAS!) granting cycle focus is Holy Gifts: Bringing together our blessings and gifts to breathe love, liberation, and life into our communities. Young Adult Grants are open to applicants from throughout The Episcopal Church who are between 19 and 30 years of age. Seminarian Grants are available to ordination-track students of any age who currently are enrolled in an Episcopal seminary or diocesan/regional training school. These grants are meant to be seed money to begin a new ministry. Each diocese may submit one Young Adult Grant and one Seminarian Grant. YAS! applications are due Friday, February 7, 2020, at 5 p.m. Eastern time.

Regular grant applications are also available. The focus for 2020 will be Bless: Share faith, practice generosity and compassion, and proclaim the Good News of God in Christ with hope and humility. The deadline for these applications will be March 6, 2020, at 5 p.m. Eastern time. Each diocese from The Episcopal Church is permitted to submit one diocesan application and one application with a companion diocese. Anglican Communion Grants are limited to one application from each province. Please read the instructions for submission published with the application for specific information regarding partner relationships and rules for submitting applications from the Anglican Communion.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the UTO staff or Board members. We want to help you as you write your application. UTO publishes a helpful hints page to assist you, and we will be offering several webinars, which will give you the opportunity to ask questions and speak with members of the UTO Board. To log on to our webinars, please use the information at the end of this page.

All UTO Grant awards will be announced following the Executive Council meeting June 9-12, 2020. The United Thank Offering Board looks forward to hearing from you! We encourage you to practice gratitude every day, make your offering into your Blue Box, and help us turn your blessings into blessings for others.

The Rev. Cn.
Heather Melton

Staff Officer for the United Thank Offering